Michelle Obama’s DNC Speech Unbelievable

I wish I was saying that because it was so compelling, but the truth is the fact that Michelle Obama was giving the speech gave no credibility to the words.  She started out great focusing on her family which was very good and her father sounds like he was a great man.  I’m trying to figure out how she fell so far from the tree since she holds him in such high regard.

Some of the nuggets from the speech include: “The American dream endures”, “You work hard for what you want in life”, “Teach children to work hard for dreams”, and “America is where you can make it if you try”.  So where exactly do those statements fit on the liberal platform and Barack Obama’s platform?  After months of hearing sob story after sob story (and there are more to come here at the convention in full living color as these down-on-their-luckers tell their stories in person) I find it hard to believe that the Obamas believe those words.  The liberals believe in letting others work hard so they can take more from them to give to those who just are having a hard time of it.  More taxes for the rich will not solve the problem that a welfare system has created.  More taxes will not be able to keep up with the outrageous plans Barack has for this country.  There is no hard work in living off the government.  There is no such thing as affordable healthcare for everyone.  We will all pay dearly one way or the other with universal healthcare whether it means not being able to get care or our healthcare system spirally downward like those in socialistic countries.  There is no such thing as a dream that endures in a country that took Michelle Obama 43 years to finally be proud of.  This woman – as I have documented on my blog – wants to take from your piece of pie to give more to someone who has less.  They want charity by force.

And speaking of charity, Michelle said that “I’ve tried to give back as much as I’ve been given”.  Let me try to get this straightened out in my brain.  Is she talking about the year the Obamas gave back 1% to charity or was that the 6% or most probably she was talking about the 7% they gave back?  I know it’s hard to do when your family only makes a half million dollars a year.  Or perhaps she was referring to Barack’s half-brother who lives in a hut on $12 a year.  Didn’t someone once say, “Charity begins at home?”

And then, of course, she had to throw in the old, “I love this country.”  She says it so much now I’m not sure if she is trying to just convince us or herself.  I remain unconvinced. 

This was an historic night.  I have to admit that it was wonderful to see a black woman giving an important speech because her husband could be the next president.  It says alot about our country.  Unfortunately, the speech would have been so much more if it would have come from someone else.  Someone whom we could actually believe and trust.  Someone who is genuine and doesn’t have to change who they are to fit a mold.  It actually was more damaging in my eyes to see that Michelle has thrown away her core beliefs to be more palatable.  Although I could never agree with her, I could respect her for being true to herself.  Now I don’t think she even knows who see is anymore and that could prove to be disasterous in the future.


15 responses to “Michelle Obama’s DNC Speech Unbelievable

  1. Jonathan Torres

    I didn’t even give it that much credit. Kudos to you for your abilities to make lemonade from dirty water. I think I couldve delivered that speech more convincingly.

  2. Being hateful is very damaging to the health. I am a conservative but I have learnt to be open minded and even if I don’t like a person, I am learning to truly listen to them and try to understand what they are saying. I have not always agreed with Michelle but I must confess this was an awfully great and sincere speech. She reached my heart and brought tears to my eyes. The very fact that Michelle doesn’t attack back makes her look very superior.

  3. Kate, how am I being hateful? I’m telling the truth which Michelle should do. I see you have drunk the Kool-Aid and given the Obamas the tears they were hoping to get. You said you would truly listen to her? Listen to everything else this woman has said and you will see that last night was a carefully manufactured speech. And she does attack back. Just not last night because she had to be on her best behavior.

  4. Cindy McCain’s speech:
    when I was young,I used to swim in our pool, though I hate caviar, my father taught me to eat it. I was driven to school everyday and even when I started college, and when I worked, I had my own bmw. The lowest point of my life was when my father didn’t buy me the white pony I wanted, he bought me a brown one. I go to the beauty spa every other day and I buy only clothes along Beverly Hills. I refuse to wear shoes not made by Jimmy Choo, because my feet are too soft to wear vintage shoes, imagine the pain I will feel when my toes are blistered. When I married, I chose to marry John because I know he is in the senate and that have plans to run for President one day. So I thought that my money circle will never end. I can sit and look pretty all day when he is in the White House. I will have servants there to clean my toe nails everyday and massage my feet after my tea parties with the congress ladies. Oh, and I would have a grand time picking presents for my best friends down in upper east side NY. But still, I am in touch with the working class. In fact just yesterday, I complimented the janitress at our building for wearing a matching green apron with her green shoes. And just a while ago, I gave the security guard half of the sandwich I was eating, it didn’t have japanese mayo so it’s really not nice so it’s best to just give it to him. God bless America!

  5. Well Maxx, I’m sure there are many like you who think that. Sure she had money growing up but it was because her family worked hard and achieved that American dream that Michelle was talking about. Do you really think the Obama kids won’t be priviledged now that their parents have made it? And Cindy McCain has never claimed that she can identify with the working class. But she has done volunteer work in countries at orphanages and she and John adopted one of their children from one of those orphanages- pretty self-less.

  6. To the negative commentators, I find it ironically immature and without merit to give an opinion about someone (Michelle Obama) that you really DO NOT HAVE A CLUE about – simply speaking from the limited depths of your knowledge and tasteless imagination. To surmise that Michelle’s speech was “carefully manufactured” was an opinion given without factual evidence to back it up. We all have opinions, however, let’s be fair in giving our opinions to have some kind of creditable base to go to that will uphold our opinions.

  7. i met a woman who use to work as a plain clothes monitor in a drug store. 70% of the people she caught stealing were elderly. they stole things like medicine, depends and vitamins. 20% were single mothers. they stole simalic and diapers, not the whole pack of diapers, just a few. how do we solve this problem? maybe if we push retirement age to 90, the seniors will be able to afford to survive and we can adopt a kid to keep our tax breaks.

  8. stw, I could challenge you with the same thing – prove it isn’t maunfactured sentiment. Unfortunately the proof is on my side and I have written several posts quoting Michelle Obama verbatim. There is no other way to interpret her words other then the way I do. How would you interpret “Giving up a piece of your bigger pie to someone who has a small piece”? That’s Marxism – clear and simple. And besides, my blog is an opinion blog just as talk radio is opinion. If you don’t want it, don’t read it. I’m sure your side will be just as fair with McCain, right?

  9. smitty, I find that hard to believe with all the Socialistist programs we now have and other charitable organizations providing for the needy. No one in America has to steal – no one.

  10. stw,
    what? you and kate are two examples of what watching too much tv does to the immature mind. you should make decisions based on facts instead of feelings, lest you do something foolish. Again.
    Do some homework on the statements and speeches that the snarling Mrs. Obama has given in the recent past and you will see that she hates America, Loves her idea of what she can turn it into, and takes on an entirely new personality every time her audience changes. It is you who does not have a clue, most likely because the truth hurts and you seem to care much more about feelings than facts and certainly TRUTH.

  11. @dsgawrsh : sure sure… self-less but in touch? comeon. I’m sure it’s not her fault that she’s born rich. But what they (and the present administration) is pushing is for the same tax cut for another 4 years. That’s four more years living in glory for McCain. bwahahahah!!!

  12. @smitty: “maybe if we push retirement age to 90, the seniors will be able to afford to survive and we can adopt a kid to keep our tax breaks.”

    ha ha ha! I’m sure John McCain wouldn’t mind staying in the White House until he’s 90.

  13. Those tax cuts help the middle class as well. What people fail to realize is that when those tax cuts are revoked, we all pay more taxes which is called raising taxes. And when corporations pay more taxes, who do you think they pass them on to? And Cindy McCain doesn’t claim to be just like us and try to make her upbringing sound harder than it was. Strange how Michelle made sure not to mention her education details.

  14. jerry & dsgawrsh, ranting about a Truth you’re clueless about is like I said: simply speaking from the limited depths of your knowledge and tasteless imagination. ‘Credibility’ covers both your opinions – there is none.

  15. now Russia is pointing out that the siege to Georgia was instigated by the government – to – accdg to PM Putin – give “one” of the US Pres candidates something to talk about and to give him a point lead. Well, we know it’s not Obama.

    Hah! the things these republicans do to GLORIFY MCCAIN.

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