The Fairness Doctrine Embraced In America!?

Last week Rasmussen Reports revealed that a poll on the Fairness Doctrine showed that 47% of Americans favor government mandated political balance on radio and TV.  And 31% are for the Fairness Doctrine in regards to the internet and blogs.  This would utterly destroy talk radio which favors conservative talkers based on ratings, ie: Air America flops and goes bankrupt in just a few years while Rush Limbaugh has been on the air over 20 years and just signed a multi-million dollar contract.  The world of blogging would lose many political sites as well.  Both liberals and conservatives should stand up against this doctrine.

First of all, this destroys the First Amendment.  Where is freedom of the press in all this?  Blogs like The Huffington Post and Daily Kos will face the same scrutiny and requirements as Hot Air and  And there are the thousands of blogs like my little blog here.  I most certainly will not present liberal ideas on here as though I support them.  And for TV, what will NBC and MSNBC do especially with shows like Countdown and Hardball?  I’m sure Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews would not want to have to support John McCain.  This cannot be allowed to happen.

All one needs to do is look at the examples of the press in China and Russia over the past week.  It is highly controlled and full of crap so as to lean the citizenry the way the government wants.  It only takes a crack in the door to let the floodwaters in.


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