Update On Disney’s Second Amendment Fight

Walt Disney World has decided to lift part of its ban on employees’ rights when it comes to gun toting.  But if anyone believes this is a victory for gun rights supporters, they are wrong.  Disney had earlier made gun rights activists and the NRA angry when they told employees that they could not bring their guns to work and leave them in their cars, even though a new Florida law allowed it.  An employee challenged the ban and was fired and there is now a court challenge that is still pending.

So Disney’s response to pressure from Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum, the NRA and many people was to lift the ban on back-office outposts.  This includes Disney offices in Celebration and Little Lake Bryan.  For those that don’t know, these are two small areas that are outside of the the Walt Disney Resort area where many cast members live.  So in other words, this is very insignificant.  These offices employ about 5,700 of the 60,000 employees that Disney has.  For some reason, McCollum believes that this now complies with the law.  Bullshit!  Try reading THE LAW in the Constitution.  Actually, McCollum might be giving Disney a pass since they backed his 2006 campaign for attorney general.  Several executives contributed $5,000 including several presidents and Disney gave the GOP $520,000 which in turn spent hundreds of thousands on McCollum’s campaign.  As they say, follow the money.   They are all hoping that everyone stays misinformed and figures that if the Attorney General gives his blessing then everything must be okay.

This fight is not over.


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