The Olympics And China

I absolutely love the Olympics.  I’ve watched them from as far back as I can remember.  Upon hearing that Beijing, China had won the right to host the 2008 Summer Olympics, I felt some reservations.  After all, China’s human rights’ history is not a glorious one.  I have since changed my mind after watching the opening ceremonies and the first week of competition.  China wanted to be more open to the world and reveal a bit of itself (or at least show us what they want us to see).  I think they have gotten more than they bargained for and hopefully this openness will show the world the emptyness of Marxism/Communism.

The opening ceremonies was a beautiful pageant of athletes, history and performances.  I think something that stood out for everyone was the performance by the 2008 drummers that was completely together as one unit.  A tip of the hat to sameness/equalness.  During practices, the drummers were stone faced, but were told before the public performance to smile.  I guess so we would all believe that they are truly happy in China.

Another part of the show was a group of children dressed in the garb of the different ethnic groups found in China.  Of course, these children were not from those actual groups.  Many of them are not welcome in the public areas of China.  We don’t want to see any toothless, starving children on television you know.  Which takes me too…

The controversial singing performance of the Chinese National Anthem by a seven year old girl who was very cute in her pigtails.  It came to light several days later that this little girl lip-synched the song because the actual performer of the song was too ugly to represent China.  Reminds me of the days when even cute little girls were not welcome in China.  They were left to die.  The ugly and imperfect are not welcome in a Communist society.

Then there is the controversy over the Chinese gymnasts that reveals that China is willing to cheat to get atop the medal boards.  If any of those girls are 16, they are the youngest looking 16 year olds I have ever seen.  The proof they used were passports issued by China – I’m sure they are reliable.  And a commentator had made a comment about the Chinese women synchronized divers really being men and it was a joke.  Although I did notice that one of the divers did appear to have something that looked like a small “package”.

And China is making sure to stop any protesting and we have heard about very little of it.  Even one of our Americans was not allowed into China because he wanted to shine light on some of China’s controversial happenings, i.e. TIBET!  And the Chinese have shown us that they can control the weather to get rid of some of the pollution that should make America look like a pristine glacial mountain top.  How in the world do these people live past 30?  I would think their lungs would be black.  Did I mention that the Chinese showed us they can control the weather?  Oh wait, there I go with my conspiracy stuff…

But the great thing is that once again America is dominating.  Our athletes have made me very proud.  Our tennis player, Blake, took his loss in step although there was clearly a bad call made against him that could have been quickly cleared up had his opponent, Rodriguez, had any integrity and admitted to the judge that the tennis ball had hit his raquet before going out of bounds.  None of our athletes have ripped off their bronze medals and hurled them to the ground.  And what can I say about Michael Phelps?  I hope and pray that he is completely clean unlike Marion Jones.  He makes us all proud with his rise to excellence and humility.  He is everything that is great about freedom and America and that flys in the face of Communism and the Progressives that want us all on the same equal poor footing.  And it’s great to see the men’s basketbell team playing as a team rather than a bunch of spoiled superstars who humiliated us at the last Olympics.  Imagine having to be called the “Redeem Team”?

So great job America!  Thankfully the next summer Olympics is in London.  Hopefully the Olympic committee doesn’t continue down this same vein as they did with China or we might end up with Summer Olympics 2020 in Darfur.


2 responses to “The Olympics And China

  1. This is a very good post. Wait, I say this with reservations.

    First I do agree that China is or may be seeing the light – that communism is a lonely road to hell. Let’s hope so. But let’s also remember to differentiate between the people and their government. After all, would you like anyone associating you with Bush? Heck, I don’t – even though I voted for him the first time.

    So let’s not forget that the drummers were stone faced due to a simple fact: dictatorship. How many happy people, except the corrupt, does one find in any dictatorship? If they were told before the public performance to smile, then it was “an order” and they probably refused to “obey.” But regardless of whether or not they are happy or unhappy, we would have done the same: Hollywood dictates the big perfect smile.. and we sure as heck would look for one to make sure the world saw us in that “light.”

    However, your comment We don’t want to see any toothless, starving children on television you know is a bit strange. Would we do the same? You bet! We would find the cutest and the most innocent looking. This is how the world (watching) will see and remember us – or for that matter – them. Thus the choice for the seven year old cute girl.. just may be?

    Likewise, your comment that “The ugly and imperfect are not welcome in a Communist society” is truth stretched to its maximum. During the 1984 summer Olympics in LA, years ago, the homeless were gathered and taken to different parts of the state so that the “world” would not see our problems. So the ugly and imperfect Americans were also “hidden” from view.

    But it’s helpful to remember that in many countries, including our own, pre-Olympic repression is as much of a tradition as lighting the torch.

    In 1984, Los Angeles Police Chief Daryl Gates oversaw the jailing of thousands of young black men in the infamous Olympic Gang Sweeps. Gates also sent the LA Swat Team to Israel and West Berlin for special training.

    The 1996 Atlanta games were supposed to demonstrate the gains of the New South, but the New South ended up looking much like the old one, as public housing was razed to make way for Olympic venues, homeless people were chased off the streets and perceived trouble-makers were arrested. As Wendy Pedersen of the Carnegie Community Action Project recently recalled in Vancouver, BC, another city poised to crack down on crime, drugs and homelessness in preparation for the Winter Olympics in 2010, Atlanta officials “had six ordinances that made all kinds of things illegal, including lying down. Lots of people were shipped out, and lots of people were put in jail. [The Olympic Planning Committee] actually built the city jail. Activists there called it the first Olympic project completed on time.” The same was true for Greece in 2004… Source


  2. I agree with you. I wrote a while ago about how the homeless are being ushered away in Denver before the DNC convention. The point I was trying to make is that liberals and progressives are pushing our society to become more Marxist and that that is favorable. But in the glare of the cameras, it is shown to be far worse than we are. I did not mean to seem as though I am attacking the individual people. They have been “brainwashed” in a way to embrace this way of life. I mean, what could billions of Chinese do to their government if they ever decided to be free? And any cheating is coming from the government. The athletes probably fear severe punishment for anything less than gold and I’m betting the reporter who let the singing girl switch-a-roo out of the bag is hanging from his fingernails somewhere.

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