McCain And Obama At Saddleback Church

Of course I didn’t watch this – I was watching Michael Phelps kick ass.  Far more interesting.  I also try not to tune in to MSNBC so that blood doesn’t shoot out of my eyes.  I did however catch part of the story being discussed on Meet The Press this morning.  Why would Rick Warren be hosting a political interview?  And I believe it took place in Saddleback’s sancturay – highly inappropriate.  Anyway, Rick Warren asked John McCain what he felt was his greatest moral failing and McCain said it was the failure of his first marriage.  Then McCain was asked what he thought America’s greatest moral failure was.  Now this is a complete give-me answer.  So easy, especially if you are trying to reach your conservative base.  Does McCain give the easy answer “Abortion”?  Oh no, he decides to give this answer: “Throughout our existence, perhaps we have not devoted ourselves to causes greater than our self-interest, although we have been the best at it of anybody in the world.  I think after 9/11, my friends, instead of telling people to go shopping or take trips, we should have told Americans to join the PeaceCorps, AmericCorp, the military, expand our volunteers, expand what you’re doing and expand your great missions that you are doing [at Saddleback Church]…especially in Rawanda.  A little pandering here, the first words of your very successful book is, “This is not about you.”  And you know what that really also means, serve a cause greater than your self-interest.”

What?!  Has he been getting lessons from Obama?  And I know he said he was pandering, but goodness, HE WAS KISSING @$$, I MEAN PANDERING.  What in the world was this sideshow?  I’m glad I missed the darn thing.  Especially since Obama would not have his teleprompter, so I’m sure his answers were, “My greatest moral failing is ah…ah…umm…you know…hell, I’m perfect, I’m the Messiah, you should all be worshipping me in this sanctuary.”  Hand me the remote, I need some more Olympic relief.


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