Victoria Osteen, What Would Jesus Do?

I heard on the news the other day about a frivolous lawsuit that has been brought against Victoria Osteen, wife of world famous mega church pastor Joel Osteen.  A flight attendant is suing Osteen for 10% of her net worth due to an incident that took place on a Continental flight some time ago.  I absolutely hate all these frivolous lawsuits that take place in our society and have caused us to become a politically correct, neurotic people.  But this posting is not about that.  It’s about something the church needs to start waking up to and correcting.

The first thing that caught my attention about this story is that the Osteens are involved.  I am no fan of mega churches and especially no fan of the Osteens.  Anyone who watches more than five minutes of Joel Osteen’s drivel with an open Bible knows that he is a false teacher – just one of many who parade around our television sets.  His flashy smile and fancy suits don’t fool me.  Nor does his overly positive message of prosperity and constant goodness.  This guy should be spiritual counsel for Barack Obama because they share that in common: Empty words that make you feel good.

The second thing that caught my attention is where this incident took place on the airplane.  It was in first class because that is where the Osteens were seated.  So I ask Victoria, what would Jesus do?  Does anyone believe that Jesus would fly first class away from those lesser people in coach?  Does anyone believe that Jesus would be irresponsible with the tithes that people send Him to spend it on something frivolous like first class?  Do the people who send the Osteens money expect that money to be used in furthering the Gospel or pampering the Osteens’ bloated lifestyle?  I believe Jesus would conduct Himself on earth today as He did when He was here: sitting with the dredges of society like the prostitutes, tax collectors and poor and ministering to them because they need Him unlike the Osteens who believe they can save themselves and have become their own gods.  Did Jesus not say that it was easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than a rich man to go to Heaven?  I see why.

Then we come to the actual incident.  I guess poor Victoria Osteen found a stain on the armrest of her first class seat.  I can imagine her indignation as she called the flight attendant Sharon Brown over to give her special treatment and clean this mess up now.  Osteen did not receive the attention she wanted and according to Brown and another flight attendant, Maria Johnson, Osteen became verbally abd physically abusive and grabbed Brown by the shoulders, elbowed her in the chest and pushed her out of the way as she made for the cockpit.  Joel Osteen says no such thing occured and that his wife did not raise her voice, but later had to admit that he could not actually hear his wife’s voice from where he was sitting.  Joel, does that count as lying?  The flight attendants asked to have the Osteens removed, although the Osteens say they left voluntarily.  Now if this was just some little thing like Joel Osteen claims, why would they leave the flight either voluntarily or not.  That’s like saying that you asked for a pillow and when you had to ask again, the flight attendant asks you to get off the plane.  The Osteens also paid a $ 3,000 fine which screams to me guilt.  They say they did it to put incident behind them, but if I didn’t do anything wrong and I’m a public figure, I’m going to fight it.  That’s alot of money too…well…at least to little coach riding me.

Is this any way to represent Christ on earth?  Christians are the only example that the world has of Christ since He has not returned yet.  As a public figure, you are under more scrutiny and better watch your Ps and Qs.  As a teacher for God, the Bible says that you will be judged more harshly.  Perhaps the Osteens haven’t read their Bibles for awhile.  Perhaps they have never seen the Beatitudes in Matthew that call us to be peaceful, humble and meek.  Pride before the fall.  How many of these preachers need to fall before gullible people stop sending them their money?  If it tickles your ears people, then it probably is not a message from God.  As your finances go down and you struggle, these people like the Osteens, Paula White, T.D. Jakes, Benny Hinn and Joyce Meyers buy their big mutli-million dollar homes and build media empires. 

So Victoria Osteen, I ask you what would Jesus do?  Or maybe the question you should really ponder is, where will you spend eternity?  Will God say, “Well done good and faithful servant” or will He say, “I never knew you”?


14 responses to “Victoria Osteen, What Would Jesus Do?

  1. nice call out of the olsteens. for some reason that have duped America into thinking they are the real deal. I just love the youtube of Joel on Larry King saying he can’t judge if a Muslim is going to hell…

  2. I couldn’t agree more. There are times when I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m a Christian and situations like these are good examples. I don’t know what needs to happen – a different title than, “Christian?” “Christ-Follower,” maybe? Stories like these don’t show Christ to the world. I heard or read something really good recently – it was something to the effect that the Pharisees went through life trying very hard to stay clean and avoid unclean people, situations, etc. It took all of their time and energy and allowed them to feel separate from the masses. But Jesus, on the other hand, went exactly to those unclean places and got dirty Himself to redeem. Not that I’ve got it all figured out – I make plenty of mistakes and I wouldn’t advise anyone to look at me or my life to figure out how a “Christian” behaves. But these types of stories make me shudder.

  3. Matthew, I recall that video very well. That should have been the real wake-up call for Christians. We aren’t called to pussy-foot around. Jesus said that He was the only way. Enough said!

  4. No she is not guilty…we all know flight attendants are rude as heck anyways….the story she is telling doesn’t even make could Victoria have pushed, elbowed her, and whatever else she is claiming she did, with out her husband knowing…or even witnesses…Airplanes are NOT that big, its not a house!

    The case is stupid, and she is greedy for money, i wouldnt want to sit in a seat that had stains on it OR near it, and its not my job to clean it up. Why would you need 10% of their net worth? So because he is the pastor of Lakewood Church he is a billionaire even a millionaire….NO thats just ignorant.

    And if you are embarrased to a Christian sometimes…thats just sad….

  5. Sammy, you are so naive! So all flight attendants are “rude as heck” according to you (an obvious hyperbole) and I’m suppose to believe you when you say Victoria isn’t guilty? The aisles are small which is why it would be very possible for Joel Osteen to not be able to see and the seats are tall, so you can’t see much past them (especially in 1st class). Joel Osteen is rich – take a look at the church’s budget and see how much he gets. Not to mention all his book deals that include the same drivel he pumps from the pulpit. It’s ignorant to trust someone who claims to be Christian and yet teaches falsehood and lives a life contrary to the one we are called to live. I’m not embarrassed to be a Christian and I’m sure Cory is not as well. We are cautious about using the term “Christian” because of the mud these false teachers and Christians-in-name-only have drug it through. I hear Mormons call themselves Christian, I hear Universalists who believe all ways lead to Heaven call themselves Christians. It makes more sense to me to tell people that I am a follower of Christ and lean on Him for Salvation which comes only through Him.

  6. i believe that Joel Osteen and his family rich up because his books have been NY bestseller for a long time, he already gave up his salary to the church . he travels by his money not from the money of the church followers

  7. I’m embarrassed by self-righteous hypocrites like DSGAWRSH. So what if Joel is rich. Maybe if DSGAWRSH would start doing something for the Kingdom, God would bless him/her too – but maybe not because it’s all about “me” when it comes to DSGAWRSH. Again, it’s all jealousy.

  8. Jer2911 – get a dictionary and look up self-righteous hypocrite. Joel Osteen is and I am not. I do work for the kingdom of God, but not to my profit. I am jealous for nothing. I have all I need from God. Yep, it’s all about me, me, me…I learned that from Victoria Osteen.

  9. yourface, And who is buying Joel’s drivel? Those that he preaches too and takes advantage of. I have no problem with people profiting from their writing, but he uses God and the Word of God in a false way to profit. God Himself said that many would say, “Lord, Lord” and look at all i did for you and God will say, “I never knew you.” Joel can’t even say the pinnacle of the Christian faith: Jesus Christ is the only way, otherwise you’re on your way to Hell. Some preacher!

  10. Justice For All

    I always enjoy the blathering of fools anytime some christian is mentioned anywhere.

    They always assume there is guilt and millions stolen from innocent viewers and they back all this up by the cries of “hurrah” from their fellow posters who are as uninterested in facts as they are.

    I was on the jury and the greed and filth was from the flight attendant not the Osteens who had to spend their own money (not the church’s) t0 fight a frivolous lawsuit that resembled a stewardess waving a lottery ticket

    Please try to let thought flow from the brain to the fingers BEFORE you begin to type-Your stupid is showing

  11. Justice For All

    Oh, and dsgawrsh-what ever work you are doing for whatever god you serve- that’s what I want to be a part of

    You sound like such a loving, patient, considerate godley man that I am sure we all want to become just like you
    -especially since God has told you that you can pick out the false prophets- then the world would be full of real christians and no false ones.

    And Jesus would probably have walked not flown-since he was on a 3 year time schedule and needed to meet, greet and reach as many people as possible in that limited time

    Plus, I do not think that Jesus really needs to rely on earth’s aviation machines

    • Well, I’m not a Godly man – I’m a Godly woman. God has told all Christians to pick out the false prophets and they are to be measured by the Bible. I shouldn’t just judge Victoria based on her husband, but I bet she has the same ideology as him which is that Jesus is not the only way to heaven – at least that is what he related to Larry King. And if this is how a Christian behaves when they have put themselves in the spotlight of the world, I’m going to put them under a pretty big microscope. She’s representing me out there and doing a horrible job. And by the way, before you efficerate me about being loving and what-not check that log in your eye: “blathering of fools” and “your stupid is showing”. And what do you mean they used their own money and not the church’s. Where do their millions came from – oh yeah from their book sales which they have used the church to gain their fame and much of their pocket money.

  12. Victoria Osteen was fined $3000 by the Federal Aviation Administration for interfering with a flight crew. She paid the fine.

    The Osteens should have never let this incident go to trial. Joel Osteen should have just cleaned up the spill and apologized to the flight attendant. No one would have ever even heard about it.

    A little humility on the part of the Osteens would have made this whole thing disappear.

    Oh, and the Osteens have been taking 10% from poor people to build their empire for decades.

    As a Christian, I’m really embarrassed by these people.

  13. I’d love to see that lady work just one day at a McDonald’s or as a nurse’s aide cleaning out bedpans. She’d think she’d died and gone to hell once she split a nail and got goop all over her pretty hands. She’s in another world, serving some other Christ we cant relate to.

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