Republicans Finally Take A Stand As Pelosi & Obama Falter

Thanks to Jim Hoft of for the above image that was paraded around the House floor by Republican Rep. Devin Nunes of California to show the people of the United States who had gathered in the gallery of the House, the best idea the Democrats have for our energy issues.  The reason why none of us was able to see this on television was because Nancy Pelosi adjorned the House for the five week recess and the Democrats left turning off the lights, the microphones and the C-SPAN cameras.  But the Republicans, who seem to have finally found their cajones, stayed and are holding what could turn out to be a week long stand-off.  They are still debating on the floor a bipartisan bill that was brought forward before the end of session that would lessen our dependence on foreign oil calling on America to drill everywhere, get our shale program up and running, and looking into alternative fuels.  Pelosi had tabled the bill despite its support on both sides of the aisle.  The Republicans have also sent a letter to the President asking him to call an emergency session of Congress which he has the right to do under the Constitution’s Article II, Section 3.  Pelosi called the move a “war dance of the hand maidens of the oil companies”.  And what does Nancy call what she is doing?  Why, she is saving the planet which she claimed this weekend is one of her main issues.

And so where is Barack Obama in all this?  Well, he’s out wearing his flip flops again.  I’m telling you, the man needs to find a beach for those things and soon.  If Obama didn’t have flip flops, he would have no policies at all.  After coming down hard on off-shore drilling, he now thinks some limited new off-shore drilling would be alright.  And he no longer is opposed to tapping the Strategic Oil Reserve.  Of course, I think the idea that the Democrats – like Nancy Pelosi – are in favor of tapping our Strategic Reserve reveals how much they guard our security.  They want to make themselves look good by flooding the market with an artificial supply.  Never mind that if we have a real crisis and need for oil that we won’t have it in reserve anymore.

Obama’s campaign spokeswoman, Heather Zichel, quickly pointed out that Obama “recognizes that Americans are suffering”.  Oh really?  Is that why he had no problem with the oil prices skyrocketing, just had a problem with the fact that they did so quickly?  And I really felt his empathy when he informed little ole stupid me that I need to keep my tires inflated and give my car tune-ups.  You know, I wondered what all those air machines were for – Oh, I could say something about air in the head right now, but I’ll be nice.  Don’t suppose Obama thought about the cost of tune-ups.  Just took my little SUV in for it’s 60,000 mile check-up and it cost me around $600.  That sure saves the old pinch I’m feeling at the gas pump.  Like I continue to say, this guy doesn’t think before he reads his puppet lines.  Tune-ups cost far more than the extra at the pump right now, so I’m sure the poor working class people will just be running out to get that done.

And let me not forget that Obama wants to send out another stimulus check to the tune of $1,000.  Where exactly are the Democrats getting all this free money to send back to us?  Oh yeah – FROM US!!!!!

So I say, “Bravo!” to the Republicans and hope they stand their ground and get those Democrats back with their tails between their legs.  It’s time that our employees start listening to us!


One response to “Republicans Finally Take A Stand As Pelosi & Obama Falter

  1. Hey – I haven’t even received the FIRST stimulus check. And I need to shop, dangit all. *grins* Linda

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