Representative Robert Wexler Not A Florida Resident

Bill O’Reilly has brought it to the public’s attention that one of Florida’s Representatives to Congress does not reside in the state.  I’m pretty sure that is against the rules and I’m thinking that is why the FBI is investigating.  Wexler was first elected to Congress in 1996.  At the time, he did own a home here but sold it in 1997 and moved the family to Maryland.  Now he is playing a game that stinks to high heaven.  He claims his in-laws address in Delray Beach as his official residence and thus maintains his driver’s license and voter and car registrations under that address.  When I moved to Florida from Colorado, I had 10 days to change everything over.  I guess Maryland’s rules are different – yeah right!

There is one glaring problem with Wexler using his in-law’s address: they live in one of those senior neighborhoods here and the rules state that children cannot live there for more than two months annually.  Wexler has children.  Hmmm…so he is trying to claim that he mostly lives here and not in Maryland with his family.  Yeah, I believe that.  Just like I’m suppose to believe that he can identify with the needs of his constiuents especially when it comes to issues like property taxes – which he obviously does not pay in Florida.  This man is a farce.

The really sad part of this whole story is the fact that Wexler moved from here in 1997.  It is now 2008.  How many times have the liberal morons in his district re-elected him?  Supposedly this has been no secret and Bill O’Reilly just jumped on this story to get back at Wexler for statements he made against FOX News.  If this is how much worth people put into the National and State Constitutions then why don’t we just change things up and start voting randomly for other counties’ and states’ representatives.  Who gives a crap if they can identify with constituents or not?  Wait a minute-we’re already there.  The politicians don’t care and that is why Wexler has been comfortable doing this with no feelings of guilt.

Here I go again – Kick the bums out!!!!


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