People Of The World – I Am Your King

Barack Obama didn’t quite say it that way, but he definately was giving a stump speech to the world.  This is an unprecedented move in the history of American politics.  Does Obama really consider himself worthy of filling the shoes of Kennedy and Reagan?  Please!!  Throwing America under the bus and pandering to Globalism doesn’t even come close to Ronald Reagen putting Gorbachev on the hot seat and declaring, “Mr. President, tear down this wall.”  Reagan and Kennedy stood in this same place and declared the evils of Communism, while Obama embraces Marxism.  I thought I would puke when I heard NBC’s Andrea Mitchell fawn over Obama and compare him to Reagan.

Barack presented his theme for the speech right from the beginning by declaring himself a fellow citizen of the world.  Now that was brilliant.  I mean, what, if he hadn’t said that we would think he was a citizen of Mars?!  I’ve asked before, does this guy bother to read what the puppetmasters write for him before he says it?  Then he said the next brilliant thing, “I know that I don’t look like the Americans who’ve previously spoken in this city.”  Really!?  Kennedy and Reagan looked different – shocking!  So us conservative white people are the seperatist racists, even though he is the one who needed to make sure he pointed out his difference.  I thought he transcended all that crap.

Obama pointed out that Berlin was where a victory over tyranny gave rise to NATO.  Yeah, that has worked out great.  As a Federalist, I think we should have never entered into the United Nations or NATO.  Then with big flowery grandeur he told the “people of the world” that history proved that when the world stands as one, anything is possible.  Give me a break.  Is he being paid to be a motivational speaker or is he running for President of the United States?  The world has never been as one, and I’m pretty sure when that day comes the goose is cooked – Armageddon!  As a person always watching for the New World Order, I get a little bit edgy when someone wants to unite the whole world and sing “Kumbaya”.

Then Obama let loose with this distortion, “As we speak, cars in Boston and factories in Beijing are melting the ice caps in the Arctic, shrinking coastlines in the Atlantic and bringing drought to farms from Kansas to Kenya – run for your lives, ahhh!!!”  Okay I added that last bit about running for your lives.  This guy is just rich.  Cars and factories melting the polar ice caps?  I’m pretty sure that is the sun’s fault and it is perfectly natural.  And I would love to see the proof, but these global warming alarmists have none.  But, you know, just go ahead and go out and say it.  These people are so dumb. They’ll believe anything, right?  By the way, I’m building an ark on my balcony for when the shoreline reaches me.

Then Obama thought he could play President Reagan for a minute and spoke about all the walls in the world between the rich and poor, the different races and the different religions and that “these now are the walls we must tear down”.  Then he spoke positively about the formation of the European Union.  This demonstrates that he would support the North American Union that is forming even now as Americans slumber.  He warned America and Europe of turning inward.  Then he kept repeating a bunch of jargon beginning each new thought with, “This is the moment…”  He echoed his victory speech that he gave when he finally was declared the winner over Hillary Clinton by stating, “This is our moment, this is our time.”  America, please notice that the very words he said to you, he has now said to the world.  He wants us as one.  I’ve heard conspiracy theorists declare Obama the Anti-Christ.  I don’t believe that, but this guy and this speech scare the hell out of me.  His presumption that he already is the leader of the free world is staggering.  When someone believes this strongly in Globalism (World Unification) and has this kind of arrogance and stands in this very spot where Hitler stood believing himself to be the next world conqueror, well the image is a stark wake-up call.

Polls are showing that this little side trip photo opportunity has had no affect.  I hope that those numbers continue to be the same tomorrow or maybe even drop.  I hope this speech backfires and people realize that this man has thrown America under the bus.  That a man who has the arrogance to put up campaign posters at the Wailing Wall is dangerous.  And that a man who believes himself to be the second coming – even if only in the far recesses of his mind – is bound to destroy America.


One response to “People Of The World – I Am Your King

  1. croneandbearit

    My jaw was hangin down to the ground, I was so shocked at this speech. I especially worry about his “tearing down the walls” nonsense with races and religions. You and I both know how happy this makes the Islamic nutcases; they’d love to have Obama rama lama ding dong invite them right onto our front porches for a little religious liaison. Danger, Danger Will Robinson…

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