San Francisco Promotes It’s Sanctuary City Status

Just when you thought San Francisco couldn’t do anything more unAmerican or Liberal, they have decided to use the old public funds to target illegal immigrants – not for deportation, but to let them know they are welcome.  And as the video shows, they don’t hide their sanctuary status.  They declare it boldly.  Mayor Gavin Newsome says, “It’s the principled thing to do.”  What, spend taxpayers money on Public Service Announcements and more indoctrination in the public schools to promote the criminal activity taking place in this country every day?  Yeah, that’s the “principled” thing to do.  Hey all you illegals, listen up.  We have just the city for you – San Francisco.  Please pack up and rush there pronto!  We’ll see just how long the West Coast Liberal Loonies are able to stand it.


One response to “San Francisco Promotes It’s Sanctuary City Status

  1. croneandbearit

    Perhaps San Francisco should set up their own country – and I know who could run it…Ted Kennedy! According to a report from Neal Boortz, Kennedy received an award from Mexico for defending the rights of illegal immigrants. Gah!

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