Al Gore On Meet The Press – 7/20/2008

I should be missing my left eye right now, but I used self-control.  Watching this pompous windbag – who produces CARBON Dioxide – makes me want to poke my eyes out.  It would be less painful.  What a self-righteous hypocrite!  Let’s start with this first quote, “We are being told by scientists around the world, particularly the international group that is charged with studying this and reporting to world leaders, that we may have less than 10 years in order to make dramatic changes lest we lose the chance to, to avoid catastrophic results from the climate crisis.”  Does anyone believe that the planet will self-vaporize in the next ten years?  Iran might do it, but please, if I thought Al Gore spoke any truth I wouldn’t have moved to Florida.  With some of the record lows we had here alone this last winter, not to mention around the country, it is hard to believe we are getting warmer.  And there are hundreds of scientists that are not media slaves and special interest slaves that report much different information when it comes to “global warming” – oh, I’m sorry, scratch that…they had to change it to “climate change”.  To any person on the street, that little change alone should be proof enough of their scam.

Tom Brokaw then pointed out the outrageous costs of switching away from coal and oil.  Keep in mind that Al Gore expects this to happen within 10 years.  So $ 1.5 TRILLION to $ 3 TRILLION needs to be spread out over those ten years.  Mr. Brokaw asked where Gore expected that money to come from with a new president already facing a $400 billion dollar deficit.  Gore stammered through the answer saying that it would not all be public funds – yeah right!  And then he said that the cost is not as much as it will be to stay on coal and oil.  That would only be true if the Liberal Democrats continue their effort to destroy America by keeping us from using the rich resources we already have here.  I’m no rocket scientist, but I bet if we did that we would find the cost to not even be close to the trillions.  Then Gore said, “This climate crisis is threatening our country, threatening all of human civilization.  I know that sounds shrill, and I know people don’t like to, to hear phrases like that, but it is the reality.”  First of all, it is not the reality.  And secondly, Gore is so frightened and so dedicated to this cause that he makes sure to have a small home that consumes little energy…or he makes sure not to fly in private jets…okay, I bet he has stopped farting.

Later in the interview, Gore remarked on the fact that Washington is run too much by special interest groups and lobbyists.  Umm…I’m pretty sure that environmental groups could be considered special interest groups.  And I’m sure the Sierra Club and World Wildlife Federation don’t have lobbyists in Washington…No.  This whole scam has been propped up by the mainstream media and special interest groups.  They have us in a choke hold that will destroy this country as they indoctrinate all the little kiddos about how horrible human beings are.  Somebody should get rid of all of us, right…except the elite.  They’re the only ones fit to live.  Thats why they don’t follow their own suggestions to the rest of us.  It’s okay for all those Hollywood types to have monolithic homes and fly around the world in the private jets.  It’s okay for Nancy pelosi to hop her private jet.  It’s okay for Arnold Schwartzenegger to fly to and from work EVERDAY.

Gore also claimed that these “more efficient and cost-effective renweable energy options are a –very exciting and, and they’re ready to use”.  Ready to use!?  Where the hell are they then?  The reality is that these “new” energies are not cost-effective nor practical.  I drive over 100 miles a day for my job.  An electric car doesn’t cut it for me or anyone who has to commute for work.  I’d be willing to bet that is alot of people.  Gore later pointed out how young people are getting involved in the whole political process and that many of them, “of course”, are for Obama.  It’s because their brains have been turned to mush by public education and liberals.  Gore also pointed out that campaign contributions over the internet is a great new thing and the reason why Obama isn’t going with public funding.  Perhaps it is all those little contributions that are coming from mysterious overseas people through the internet that Obama and Gore really like since they are untraceable.  For more on that please click on Atlas Shrugs in my Blogroll.  She has a great write-up over there on that from a couple of days ago.

When Tom Brokaw put Gore on the hotseat about criticisms on his lifestyle, he claimed to not be perfect and then skirted around the question claiming his home is carbon-free and that he doesn’t always take private jets, but you know…sometimes that schedule, you know it just doesn’t work out.  But I’m suppose to uproot my life, right?  Gore also said we aren’t drilling offshore because in the past we’ve had oil spills.  Okay, I seem to remember one big one and wasn’t that some kind of a ship bringing oil from a foreign country or something?  Some Exxon something or another.  PLEASE!  Like I said, I want to poke my eyes out.  Gore reminded Mr. Brokaw that he had opened up the interview stating that there is some debate over the climate crisis and Gore had the nerve to say, “There’s really not a debate in the mainstream scientific community.”  Wait, was that the mainstream media or mainstream scientific community?  Cause I’m pretty sure there has been growing opposition in the scientific community.  It’s just not mainstream because the media buries it!!!! AHHH!!!!

Then good old Gore put on his Chicken Little cap and wailed about the California fires and Midwest flooding and stronger storms.  Like none of this has happened before?  I’m pretty sure there was some big flood a few centuries ago.  And the reason why these fires rage, you dope, is because your environmental buddies won’t allow cut backs in the forest.  This undergrowth has to go for the earth to renew itself.  Gasp!  Yes, the earth actually does have some power here.

Well, I guess I better stop ranting and get back to building my big boat because, you know, Florida isn’t going to be here much longer.  And for more on Al Gore’s hypocrisy, please stop here:


3 responses to “Al Gore On Meet The Press – 7/20/2008

  1. I watched MTP, too, this morning. Yet, I came away with some very different thoughts than you.

    The one thing I respect about what you write is you KNOW why you believe the way you do…as do I. We are on opposite sides of the fence, due to ‘seeing’ things differently.

    Having lived outside the USA (across four continents) for nearly three decades (Humanitarian Aid Relief Coordinator & Educator For First Responders)…then coming home to a nation that’s hardly recognizable was a shock. There were furloughs along the way…but the negative changes that have taken place over these past eight years…are astonishing. Perhaps, it struck me like this, as I had been gone.

    People can be “spoon fed” something over a process of time…and it all begins to appear “normal”. From where I am, what’s taking place here, now, is anything but business as usual.

    Thanks for taking the time to get your thoughts written on this topic. I enjoyed reading what you had to say. Many people disagree, but that doesn’t give them the license to be disagreeable.



  2. Michelle, that is some tough work you did. I would be interested to know some specifics on what you feel has changed and gotten worse in America. I think you had a blog link, so I’ll pay it a visit.

  3. I, too, would like to know what Michelle is talking about. I have lived overseas quite a lot myself and know that environmentally this is one of the cleanest countries in the world. When we do well economically, we can afford to make sure we do things cleaner and better. Of course, there are many things we can improve upon.

    But, as to MTP, what a JOKE! It was totally just a forum for Al Gore to spout more of his total inaccuracies with practically NO probing from TB. Actual climatologist do not believe most of what Al Gore says and have actual data to disprove it. Even on things that he is somewhat accurate about he totally exaggerates. Look at Al Gore’s money trail. He has huge investments in “green energy” and is making a fortune from it. He is simply lining his own pocket.

    We definitely need alternatives to only oil and gas. But, they will take even longer than the time it would take to get more oil here in our own country. If we had drilled here when Congress passed the bill during Clinton’s administration we would not be so dependent upon foreign oil now. But, Clinton vetoed the bill. Democrats have made it nearly impossible to get approvals to build nuclear power plants. It is clean and safe. But environmentalist block it.

    Congress has promoted ethanol which takes one energy unit to produce one energy unit while driving up the price of corn – read food!

    One thing is certain – you cannot depend upon the mainstream media to get your information – after seeing this Sunday program it was obviously a left wing love fest. Totally disgusting. Al Gore will not discuss his proposals with anyone knowledgeable because he knows he does not have a leg to stand on.

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