Obama’s Bloated Army Of 300

Is the number 300 suppose to encourage visions of Sparta?  As Obama sets off on his “dramatic” European and Middle East tours it has come to light that the man behind the curtain actually numbers 300 – both men and women.  I would love to know what all the Liberals that called Bush a talking puppet think of Obama.  Oh that’s right, he’s like God so he can do no wrong.  Can someone please explain to me how 300 foreign policy advisors who mostly served under President Clinton represent “change”?  One of these days, Obama’s publicity crew will get a clue and drop that whole “change” idea.  Unless we’re talking about Obama’s positions.  The worst part about these advisors is that they are known to run panty-waist diplomacy.  I’m pretty sure they missed that whole run up to 9/11, also.  Madeleine Not-too-Bright is one of the senior advisors.  She sure was a great Secretary of State…Yeah, just great.  And for my conspiracy buddies keep in mind that the core team leaders are Susan E. Rice and Anthony Lake.  Ms. Rice is a Senior Fellow with the Brookings Institute.  Anthony Lake has some interesting connections.  He sits on the board of the Partnership for a Secure America with none other than Zbigniew Brzezinski and Warren Christopher, Secretary of State under Clinton, also.  Lake also started a company with David Rothkopf who sits on the board of Andrew Carnegie’s Endowment for International Peace.  Mr. Rothkopf has also written a book titled, Super Class: The Global Power Elite and The World They Are Making.  My, my, what a web we weave.

E.D. Hill was filling in for Bill O’Reilly on The O’Reilly Factor last night and had a couple of talking heads on to discuss the overseas trip.  Matthew Littman was the Democratic Strategist.  E.D. asked him why we should care what Europe thinks of us.  Message to the Liberals: WE DON’T.  I seem to remember that we stopped caring a couple hundred years ago and wrote some Declaration about it.  Anyway, he said we should because we need help in our fight with terrorism.  Listen dope, every country is threatened by terrorism.  They should be worrying about playing nice with us to get us to help them.  Does he really believe we are the only ones threatened?  God, I’m glad I left the Democratic party – what imbeciles!  Then he continued with this really great point – it’s hard for me to get this out because I’m laughing so hard and I might pee my pants – we definately have problems with Russia and China.  Really!?  Don’t suppose the fact that they are f*&#ing red Communists has anything to do with it.  (Yes, McFly, the Russians are Communists – don’t be fooled.)  And the finish to this great analysis of Mr. Littman’s was that Europe really likes Obama.  You don’t say!?

AHHHHH!!!!  I’m going to go stick my head in the freezer for a while.  Hopefully when I’m done Obama will be home and the world and media will be done fawning over him.


5 responses to “Obama’s Bloated Army Of 300

  1. Judah Ben Hur

    Barack Obama’s 300 Spartans (Advisors)?

    It seems that you claim to be truthful and advocate CHANGE, and yet you enlist 300 soldiers, (advisors) to give advice on “as the world turns”, is quite alarming. If you sir, need 300 paid advisors to help you make a decision then you have not done your homework. You have managed to create your own independent congress of people that are burning thru your $5.00 internet donations like sand thru an hour glass. It alarms me that if THEY decide to place you in that office, your staff would double?

    If your 300 were like the Spartans and lead by a leader like King Leonidas , of which you are not, then your 300 advisors are justified.

    But in this case they are not.

    You wish to be the President of the United States of America, and yet you still lie, you hire an outrageous staff of succubus’s that have their own interests, you do not attend to the poor, you are too concerned with keywords and false policy that fool those that really want CHANGE, you cannot stroll thru an American neighborhood unless you have your SS officers with you, not allowing Americans to protect you, you are so concerned that you will say the wrong thing, because you are not allowed to speak your own words, you have taken from the American people their hard earned $5.00 and given them nothing in return, you have no idea how big and deep the rabbit hole is that you have started to go down. The 300 Spartans defended their freedom and their Homeland, and you sir, are defending those that wish to rape the land and enslave Americans like Xeres attempted to do.

    You are making policy on the run, without regard to the outcome, and we Americans will suffer for your mistakes and blunders.

    These next four years will be yours, but the next four years after that will be for the American People.

    The American Republic
    A Sovereign Republic

  2. Wow, that was a mouthful, Judah! But well said!

  3. That was I fantastic post! I certainly share in your frustration about the stupidity of the Democratic party. 300 policy advisors is insane, it reminds me of that old joke about how many people are needed to change a light bulb.

  4. McCain would have more advisors but he keeps having to fire them for being lobbyists.

  5. Matthew Littman is the epitome of a coward. We would all be marching the “goose step” if America were full of such “men”. He is a douche bag of a man. His outlook and comments on what he considers the opposition are below non-sensical. There cannot possibly be any balls in his pants. He would cry like a baby in a crisis. He belongs in a little girls school baby sitting recess time. Good thing he wasn’t around when “men” were needed to do what was necessary for our future. Littman has no spine and is a total waste of “manhood”.

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