Glenn Beck’s Unelectable Tour And Common Sense

You bet I was there last night for the nationwide live simulcast of Glenn Beck’s new show.  The theater I attended at Downtown Disney in Lake Buena Vista was sold out.  How refreshing to be in a large group of like-minded people.  And Glenn most certainly earned my vote.  If only we had a candidate out there like this, but as the tour’s title indicates, that person would be unelectable.  We actually have real proof of that.  Just look at Ron Paul.  Or either of the third party candidates, Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin.

Glenn’s main theme throughout the show was his belief in America and that we can rise above these troubling times and get America back.  I wish I had his faith.  Either of the men that will be our next President are a good indication of how far we have fallen.  When people laugh at Ron Paul’s ideas and call them ludricous even though his ideas are not really new – they are Constitutional – that is another indication.  Glenn ran through a list of things that America has given the world like: the refrigerator, the phone, the car, the internet, computers, a man on the moon, etc.  Why are we in this place now where we are in debt to China and beholden to foreign countries for oil?  We go in and fight wars like pansies – not because of the military, but because of Washington, DC that holds them back.

Glenn gave a great definition of Conservatism: it basically is common sense.  That is why I wonder why more people are not conservative.  Common sense tells me that Barack Obama running on a platform of “Judgement to Lead” is a flatout disception due to the fact that he has made close friends of racists (Jeremiah Wright), terrorists (William Ayers) and crooks (Tony Rezco).  Common sense tells me that the major news networks are in the tank for Obama when they send their lead anchors to Iraq with him, but not with McCain.  Common sense tells me that the Second Amendment gives me the right to a gun and to use it in my self-defense and that taking that right from me gives the criminals the power…and the guns.  Common sense tells me that a heartbeat indicates life and that stopping that beating is murder whether inside or outside of the human body.  Common sense tells me that publically funding anything from education to health care makes it worse and it will fail.  Common sense tells me that charitable organizations are here to help the weak, the wounded and the downtrodden and that that is not the government’s job.  Common sense tells me that if you spend more than you make you are in debt and slave to the lender.  Common sense tells me that failure is a good thing because we grow from it and so we should let people – or banks – fail.  Common sense tells me another very important thing that I want my liberal gay brothers and sisters to hear: it is the conservatives who will be there for us because they believe in freedom and security.  So what if I can’t get “married” on some legal paper.  If Islamofascists take over, we homosexuals are dead!  If Nazis were to rise up again, we homosexuals are dead!  If Communism gets a foothold, we homosexuals are dead!  Liberals use you – wake up!  And conservatives also need to keep in mind that they must hold freedom dear for everyone or someday it may be taken from you as well.  I’m thinking of that poem that talks about, “First they came for the Jews and then the Blacks…and then finally they come for me.”

So I give Glenn two thumbs up and wish that he could do this as some kind of television special to reach an even broader audience, but as I wrote before my hope is waning.  One thing is for certain, we are going to have to be very strong to make it through the next four years because it is going to be the roughest ride this country has ever seen.


4 responses to “Glenn Beck’s Unelectable Tour And Common Sense

  1. Be sure to order Glen Beck Unelectable then !!! Its coming out on DVD September 15th. Its really great, I already got a sneak peek !!

  2. when’s this stupid fat kid glenny coming to fresno??
    i want to tell him why he’s such a pussy chickenhawk for not serving his country.

  3. Will – not everyone has the physical make-up to serve in the military which is what I assume you are referring to. Glenn is serving his country in another very important way – he is informing and educating and trying to protect this country. I’m assuming you are liberal since you denigrated to name calling.

  4. Saw this blog post about Glenn’s event for Unelectable, and I happen to work on behalf of Fathom Events (a company that makes these live events available through theaters), and we are having another live Glenn Beck performance on November 17th (with an encore on the 18th) of his new book, The Christmas Sweater. It will be in over 300 theaters across the US. Here’s the link if you want more info:

    To help promote this event, I was wondering if you wanted to conduct a contest on your blog? I have a signed Christmas Sweater book I can give you to give away to your readers, and a quote of the day widget here that you could use so that fans could pick their favorite quote to enter.

    Let me know if you are interested by tomorrow at 2pm. If I don’t hear from you, I’ll assume you aren’t interested 🙂

    Hope you have a great day!


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