Liberals To Hide Homeless During DNC In Denver

Actually, I need to apologize to the homeless people out there.  I should have called you domicile challenged (DC), right?  I moved to Florida from Denver, Colorado a little over a year ago.  The big debate going on there at that time in regards to the DC people was a plan by the liberal Mayor Hickenloopy (Hickenlooper) to build an apartment for these societal cast-offs.  I remember the cost was going to be in the mutli-millions.  We were all laughing and placing bets on how quickly the apartments would be emptied of their appliances and copper tubing. 

And now Denver’s Coalition for the Homeless is planning on passing out movie tickets, zoo passes and bus passes to get these DCs off the streets so that the liberal elite won’t have to be pestered and see how well their social programs are working.  Does anyone really believe that these DCs are going to pass up the chance to make big bucks off the bleeding hearts and go to a movie?  And what about the families at the zoo and movie theatres?  Do they really want to be sitting next to Mr. Stinky?

Yes, I’m one of those heartless Conservatives.  I actually expect able bodied people to work for a living.  I expect to be able to walk down a street and not be harrassed for money.  I expect people to get help to get off their addictions (which I know a little something about).  There is a place in Denver called Step Thirteen.  It is a great place that provides housing and a chance to change for those who are willing to work for it.  We need more financing of these types of places – not from the government though, but from the people.  They should be private organizations as Step Thirteen is.

I hope everyone keeps this kind of stuff in mind.  When the Marxists take over the country, there will be quite a different bus trip for these undesirables.  The Nazis and Lenin are great examples of what happens to those considered unfit in a society.  There will come a day when the social programs will turn into something quite different.  Don’t think it can’t happen in America.  I’m sure the Germans didn’t think it would happen to them.


10 responses to “Liberals To Hide Homeless During DNC In Denver

  1. I think they prefer “urban outdoorspeople”, but they aren’t too picky. Nothing is more disturbing to an liberal than seeing miserable remnants of human debris begging for their spare coins. Outta sight, outta mind is their mantra. Funny how the leftist bastions like S.F., Seattle, and Portland are overrun with sycophantic beggars, addicts, and naer-do-wells. I reckon they want every city like that, just not in Denver for one weekend.

  2. I think homeless people are more hurt by depictions of themselves as less than human than they are the term “homeless,” although I get your joke. As someone who works in a homeless agency, I can tell you we expect able-bodied people to work as well!

  3. I’m a little curious about your comment “We need more financing of these types of places – not from the government though, but from the people.” Maybe you’re confused as to what the government is… it IS the people. This is why we pay taxes! (I know many ‘conservatives’ like to keep the money in their own pockets and not pay these taxes…) Taxes are there to help people who need it. Your holier-than-thou attitude is no better than those who want to “hide” the problem. I consider this to be a great effort to make Denver a little safer during the convention. Unfortunately, during large events like this, crime rates go up and some people take sick pleasure out of hurting the homeless. As for the families who don’t want to see them at the zoo… I’ll be at the Denver Zoo with my daughter, and maybe we’ll bring some extra lunches so that we can share with someone who could use a good meal.
    Thank goodness there are programs like Step Thirteen to help the government finance the help that these people need. The government can’t afford to pay more to help them when they’re funding silly little wars and funding the oil empire.
    Get over yourself.

  4. You are right, Jwaage, that the government is suppose to be the People. Unfortunately, it stopped being that long ago. Part of the reason are these social programs that keep people down. As someone who has had friends in those programs, I know. Most people don’t know the purpose of the government. The way it was originally intended was that it was there to provide us security and maintain our freedom. Everyone is free to fail and these homeless are doing just that. I’m a recovering alcohol, so don’t give me any sob stories. I’ve picked myself up by the bootstraps. Step 13 is a private housing development where men have to work to earn the priviledge to even have a cot and then they work up to a private room. It works because the government can’t interfere. I admire the fact that you plan to take extra lunches with you, but I have a feeling you won’t be running into any vagrants because they would rather panhandle than eat.
    Ma’am, you need to get over yourself – the government funding the oil empire!? LOL. The oil tax gives the government more profits than any oil company will ever see. Get educated!

  5. A statement from the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless that clarifies the situation in Denver is available at:

  6. While the government does make tax revenue off of oil, it is extremely minimal compared to the fortunes that Exxon and other oil empires are making at the expense of the American public. While we are in a recession, they are making all time high fortunes. Seems a little silly to me.

    And, my dear, I am educated. In fact, I am an educator.

    As for you, congratulations on your recovery! It takes amazing strength to do what you have done. Unfortunately, not everyone is as strong as you.

    Some of our homeless are exactly as lazy as you have said. But, I feel as though it is ignorant to say that they are ALL that way. I’d like to believe that MOST of them are not. My father is an alcoholic. He was homeless for a long time. It took him a long time to sort out everything he needed to in order to get back on his feet. Have a little faith, sir. Maybe some of these unfortunate people are trying too. But with an extremely high unemployment rate in America today, it might take them a little while to get back to where they would like to be.

  7. Everybody always thinks I’m a guy! I’m not that butch. You are completely uneducated about the oil industry and government. You probably know whatever subject you teach, but you know crap about economics. The oil companies make a 7% margin of profit at most. That is one of the lowest margins around. The government makes millions from the oil tax – that is why the Democrats weren’t about to give us an oil tax holiday this summer. There is nothing minimal about the revenue the government makes and wastes. I know there are probably a couple of homeless that have absolutely no choice but to panhandle, but they are a minority. And really with all the government handouts and charities that offer housing – nobody has to live on the street or go hungry. They choose to do that. I have a drug addict aunt who chose to live under a bridge rather than her subsidized housing. I have no pity for that – sorry!

  8. I have to disagree with the statement, “no one has to live on the street or go hungry,” because most chronically homeless people (by the HUD definition) struggle with mental illness and addiction, both of which can hinder them from seeking and maintaining the help they need. You may say that addiction is a choice (or using the substance was to begin with at least), but most people that I work with didn’t choose or enjoy being homeless. Not only that, but there truly are not enough services to help, at least not here in OH. The waiting list to get into treatment for drugs itself is a barrier for people to recover.

    To support your point, yes, homeless people are homeless for a reason. However, to say that no one has to be homeless is an exaggeration. I work with homeless people every day, and the person who chooses to return to homelessness rather than take help when available is in the minority.

  9. Please!!!! When it is below zero in Denver, they manage to get everybody inside. Look, there is no way for me to look good here, but my experience in both addiction and with addicts is different. My point was to say that government does not have the answer. And when government has to face their failures, they would rather sweep these people under the carpet. I support private charities that help these people and not social programs. Some how that got lost here.


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