The Jolie-Pitt Crew

I don’t usually waste my time commenting on Hollywood, although I do follow entertainment news when I need a repite from intellectual thinking.  Naturally, I heard about the addition of the twins to the Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt family.  Sounds like their goal of forming their own United Nations is coming to fruition.  I actually think it is great that they love children and are taking in children from around the world.  My problem that I have with this is two-fold.  One is that little thing that Hollywood seems to have such a problem with and that is commitment.  Can anyone tell me why it is okay to have all of these children and no marriage commitment?  I know, I know…I did hear that they are making a stand until gay people can get married.  Give me a break.  Like anyone cares about their stand.  Oh no, Angelina and Brad won’t get married until we let gay people get married…ewww they are so tough…we better do it or else.  And I’m a gay person saying this.  As someone who would like to have an easier legal time of making sure my significant other is properly taken care of should something happen to me, I can’t believe anyone would wield that right so haphazardly.  Maybe they should actually take a real stand and threaten not to make anymore babies until gays can.  Now that would be an interesting stand!

The other issue I have is, does anyone really believe they are raising these kids?  Give me a break!  Does anyone in Hollywood raise their own kids?  Hmmm…on second thought maybe having nannies is a good idea – I just had a flashback to Alec Baldwin and his “pig” of a daughter.  Nannies raise these kids while these people lead their selfish lives jet setting and making movies.  I admire some of the things that Angelina has done and I was proud of her assessment of Iraq, but one shouldn’t have kids that they aren’t going to raise or are going to drag around the world like gypsies with no roots.  I feel that way about non-Hollywood people as well.  I really think a mom should be home with those kids until they are old enough to go to indoctrination school.  I imagine the reason why nannyism is so popular with the Hollywood Liberals is because nannies are all they know.  Those are just my random thoughts on that.


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