Is This How Americans Rank Priorities?

Today, good ole Ben Bernanke had to come down to Congress and do some ‘splainen.  I won’t bore you with the details of his yammerings about more bailouts that he and the President don’t consider bailouts.  The most interesting part of the hearing came when Liberal Senator Bob Casey read a letter from a constiuent named Tammy May – no relation to Fannie May.  She wanted to inform the Senator that Congress needed to get in touch with the American people and get their priorities straight.  She then listed her top four priorities in this order: Home (keeping it), Daycare, something else I think was gas and then food.  Yes, food was number four.  I’m pretty sure we can all live without everything except food and water.  I’m pretty sure that I cannot be convinced that food has such little importance.  Especially since I haven’t eaten since 7:30am and its 4pm.  And the weight problem here in America tells me that food is pretty important to everybody.  As someone who has a goal of saving 20% to put down on a house with a payment that is only one week’s pay, I find it laughable and disgusting that someone like Tammy puts her home at the top of her list.  Probably because she wants the government to bail out her bad decision.  Take responsibility for a change.  Do you really think I like throwing away my money on rent and having to take the clothes to a laundromat?  You make the sacrifice to earn the prize in the end.  You take personal responsibility.  That is what makes America great.  Go to Europe, Tammy, because I’m not changing my priorities for you.


5 responses to “Is This How Americans Rank Priorities?

  1. croneandbearit

    I have a hard time feeling pity for those who are losing their homes when the majority of them bought homes entirely too big and out of their price league just because the mortgage company allowed it. Greedy, greedy, stupid, stupid people and now I can’t even think of selling my house and moving to Florida because the prices have been driven so low. Why should the government bail them out? How much you want to bet that little Miss Tammy is living way beyond her means? Grrrr. *hugs* Linda

  2. Regarding Tammy May, remember, one half of a normal population is below average.

  3. Well now Linda, I wouldn’t want to make that bet because I would lose. Most of the American population is following the government’s lead – just borrow to get what you want. Just wait until the credit card banks start collapsing. That is coming next.

  4. Tammy's Friend

    Wow, it horrifies me how Tammy May’s comments were taken out of context and then used to publicly humiliate her. She never wrote a letter to Senator Casey! He actually read her comments out of a local newspaper article that was titled “Making Ends Meet.” She was interviewed for that article and was simply explaining how, as a single mother, she prioritizes her spending. She had no idea her comments would be read in front of congress and then used to slander her on public radio. I know this because she works in my office. I’m just trying to set the record straight for Tammy’s sake. Oh and funny thing, Tammy’s a Republican. (Well, maybe not anymore.)

  5. Thanks Tammy’s friend for the clarification. I wish you would have said how she actually did rank priorities since you say she was taken out of context. Because if she still did rank the priorities as reported she still is way out of whack. With kids – food is first.

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