Ramblings On Tony Snow And Life

This morning I tried out a new trailhead in my goal of training to speed walk a marathon.  It gave me time to reflect on the news from yesterday that after a valiant battle against cancer, Tony Snow finally succumbed.  This is the second political stalwart to fall in the last 30 days.  The second one who was also only in his 50s.  The second who was a breathe of fresh air and a man of integrity when putting politicians of any ilk on the hotseat.  The second who was a committed family man.  The second who worked in the political arena as well for politicans.  One of the things that set Snow apart from Russert is that he was prepared to die.  It was not sudden, but still did come as a shock because Snow was always so upbeat and positive when talking about his battle with cancer that we all believed he would beat it.  He had done it before.

Tony Snow was one of the best White House Spokespeople ever.  He put the mainstream media in their place and yet had a good relationship with them because, after all, he really had been one of them.  Scott McClellan would have done well to learn from Snow, but instead he took his own poor performance and tried to spin it against the Bush Administration for a quick buck.  Not Snow though.  Whatever negatives he may have learned from serving under President Bush will go to the grave.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Snow family and Fox News Channel.  Life is so fleeting and really does seem to be over in the blink of an eye.  That is what I thought about today while walking.  Two men in their 50s…gone.  That’s only a little over a decade away for me.  What if I only had a few more years to live?  There are no guarantees.  That is why every day should be lived to its fullest and not taken for granted.


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