Consensus On Congressional Performance – They Suck!

So Rasmussen came out this last week with a new poll on Congress’ approval rating and the numbers are not good.  Not surprising when one reflects on the fact that Congress has not passed anything in the past six months that improves our lives.  Only 12% of people polled believed that they had.  It’s also not surprising as we watch Congress waste time with Congressional hearings putting oil companies on the hot seat and interviewing Scott McClellan about the Cheney/Rove/Valerie Plane ordeal and listen to reports that Rove has left the country to keep from testifying.  Umm…excuse me Congress…have you noticed that 9% -YES 9%! – of Americans give you a positive approval rating.  In any other job you would already be fired.  Did you know that the colonists actually gave King George higher approval ratings then Congress now has?

Since the beginning of this year, Congress has not received a rating above 15%.  And this is not partisan.  Democrats only give Congress a 13%.  And forget about courting Independents, Congress.  They give you a whopping 3%.  72% of us think that Congress is more interested in furthering their careers then listening to us.  I also think they are stagnant because of the Presidential campaign.  Everybody wants to get their guy in, so he can save the day and look good.  Unfortunately, none of their guys will be doing any such thing.

And so what are we going to do in November?  Well, I have a feeling more people will go in and vote for Obama and make him the next president cause he is so darn cute and umm…well…ahhh…ahhh, so uh well-spoken.  I have a feeling more democrats will get voted in to Congress giving an overwhelming majority to them.  And the four liberal Supreme Court Justices and the one that tends to go their way will be joined by a couple of others.  All three branches will be ruled by liberals.  And now think about what the above information about the polls means.  IT SCREAMS THAT THEY ARE NOT LISTENING!  The Republic will fall and a new kind of government will be in its place:  a type of Socialistic Democracy under Dictatorship.

Think about that when voting this November.  This really is going to be the most important election America has ever seen, probably since Lincoln.  That was the only other time our country was threatened by being ripped apart.


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