Obama Needs A Beach For Those Flip Flops

The liberals have finally caught on to Barack Obama’s little scheme to become president: Say whatever people want to hear whenever it is most feasible.  Even if it means saying something completely different then something you said earlier this year or say, that you made as a campaign promise.  Something like the war in Iraq perhaps.  Or maybe changing your mind on wire tapping. Or go really crazy and start wearing a lapel pin of the flag.

Obviously as a conservative, I enjoy watching a liberal move more to the center.  I’m not fooled, but it does back up my hope that this nation is not becoming a liberal bastion.  Of course, Obama does not like being called a “flip flopper” and in his usually denial defense he said, “The whole notion that I am shifting to the center or flip-flopping on this, that and the other…the people who say this apparently haven’t been listening to me.”  He also went on to say that he does not believe that the government is the answer for everything and he thinks highly of personal responsibility.

What a laugh!  Is that why his tax proposals and budget have me burying gold in my backyard?  (No, I’m not really doing that…yet.)  Of course he thinks the government is the solution.  And I have often wondered if he read his speeches before he gave them and now I find myself wondering if he listens to himself as he gives them.  Call it what you want, Obama, but changing your policy or mind is otherwise known in politics as…a flip-flop.


One response to “Obama Needs A Beach For Those Flip Flops

  1. thats for sure, brother

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