Obama Embarrassed By America

Can someone please tell me why anyone would run for leadership for a country they find embarrassing, that they dislike, they dishonor and want to completely change?  Why does Barack Obama want the Presidency?  Obama made the following comments at a campaign stop:

You know, I don’t understand when people are going around worrying about, “We need to have English- only.” They want to pass a law, “We want English-only.”

Now, I agree that immigrants should learn English. I agree with that. But understand this. Instead of worrying about whether immigrants can learn English — they’ll learn English — you need to make sure your child can speak Spanish. You should be thinking about, how can your child become bilingual? We should have every child speaking more than one language.

You know, it’s embarrassing when Europeans come over here, they all speak English, they speak French, they speak German. And then we go over to Europe, and all we can say [is], “Merci beaucoup.” Right?

You know, no, I’m serious about this. We should understand that our young people, if you have a foreign language, that is a powerful tool to get a job. You are so much more employable.


Perhaps Obama doesn’t understand the concept that most Americans don’t want to spend tax payer money translating our government and legal documents into other languages.  That is the reason for calling on the government to make English our official language.  I would expect that I would learn Spanish if moving to Mexico or French if moving to France.  I would not expect their governments to cater to me.  And I know it’s been a while since I was in school, but we were required to take a couple of years of another language.  Most people I know can understand bits of other languages and study up on a language for a country they plan to visit.

And everybody thinks President Bush is a bumbling idiot.  I also have an inside track on some of these European visitors as well since I live with a Disney Cast Member.  Walt Disney World has its own bank of foreign language phones and interpreters.  I don’t suppose that is because all these visitors are fluent in English!?



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