Obama’s Presidential Seal

Do I really need to say anything?  This little seal of Obama’s says it all.  He has no respect for the office or the traditions that go with it.  How dare he re-do the presidential seal!  And the arrogance of it all.  People love to call president Bush arrogant, but this act of Obama’s is beyond compare.  He certainly is “change”.  We can do without that kind of change.  Look next week for a portrait of Obama wearing a crown of thorns to pop up somewhere.  Many of his supporters already think he is the Messiah anyway.  By the way, the Latin at the top of the seal means: “Yes, We Can”.


4 responses to “Obama’s Presidential Seal

  1. Son of Bill Brasky

    Actually I’m waiting for John McCain to follow suit.. he’s already tried to copy his website.

    By adopting the seal how does that show that he no respect for it? Isn’t that a show of respect???

    Clarify your argument.

  2. I agree this is an outrage. If he gets in we are all done with.

  3. Son of Bill Brasky – did you really ask that question? Hello…it is not the actual seal or an “adoption” of it, he mocked it by changing it and arrogantly putting his slogan inside and advertising his website on it. That shows a complete lack of respect. Perhaps you need more clarity – look up the actual seal sometime and then do some research on Karl Marx.

  4. croneandbearit

    You certainly didn’t think Obama rama lama ding dong would come out with something original, did you? He’d rather plagiarize a symbol we all hold dear. The thought of this man being president frightens me – I cannot fathom his having the nuclear codes. I’d like to add another Latin inscription to his seal — Semper Fascist Painintheassus… *grins* Linda

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