Don’t Let Barack Obama Fool You

Starting today, a new ad from the Obama campaign is set to air.  Be ready for quite a few laughs .  I found myself laughing through the whole thing.  Of course, these were not humored laughs, but sarcastic ones.  I tried to find the ad on YouTube, but it wouldn’t come up.  So regretfully, I send you to Barack Obama’s site to see it.  But beware, this candidate of “change” is going to catch you with an opening page asking for a donation so you can declare your independence from the broken finance system.  I would assume any Obama supporter would be capable of finding the donate button on the home page, but I guess he doesn’t.  Also, Barack claims on this page that he is putting his faith in the ordinary people of America.  Hence that is why he lied and broke his vow of using the public finance system.  Some of the ordinary people helping out Barack are:Lehman Brothers (318,647), Morgan Stanley (259,876), JP Morgan Chase (362,207), Citigroup (358,054), Goldman Sachs (571,330) and UBS AG (364,806).  The amounts in parenthesis are donations.  Don’t suppose any lobbyists work for any of them, right?  Wake up America!

Back to the ad: Obama says he was taught values like accountability and self-reliance.  Hmmm…I’m pretty sure Marxism doesn’t work with those two things.  Message to Barack:  All those sob stories you tell never speak of self-reliance, rather of government helping the downtrodden.  What a liar!  And then he told this whopper which had me rolling on the floor: He was taught love of country.  That’s why his mother married non-Americans and spent most of her time out of here, right?  That’s why he puts his hand over his heart and gladly wears the American flag, right?  Actually, love of country means you build it up, not destroy it which an Obama presidency certainly will do.  Then Obama claims he will never forget these values.  Remember that when he is taking your guns, raising your taxes, indoctrinating our young people, pushing forward black liberation, partnering with terrorists and especially remember it when Iraq crumbles and cities in America burn.  Oh, I’m sorry that’s fearmongering.  I’ll have to wait until 2012 to bring that all up again and then I can charge for being a psychic.

I do need to bring up that little campaign finance thing again since it reveals the lying politician that Barack is.  On Larry King back in January 2007 Obama said public financing works.  And even as recently as February of this year (Surely he knew the system was broken then) he challenged Republicans to limit their spending as he also vowed to do.  Remember all this talk of change when Barack has finished spending hundreds of millions of dollars campaigning.  Talk about government waste!  You are fools if you think he is different.

Be careful how close you get to him, he might just throw you under the bus like grandma, Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko, public financing, muslim women in head scarves, etc.


3 responses to “Don’t Let Barack Obama Fool You

  1. Andrew Slominski

    Yeah don’t forget, McCain has promised to do all of this and more. Obama is just being more sneaky.

  2. Indeed that is true as well as the fact that mcCain has been financed by the same groups only to a lesser amount of money. Not much difference in the parties. One is just taking us to Hell faster than the other.

  3. Good job with your entry.

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