Our Government Is Insane

I used to just think the government was inept, but now they either all are insane or conspiracy theorists are right and something sinister is going on.  To start with, I am enraged by the Supreme Court’s decision to give terrorists – who are not American citizens – Constitutional rights so they can have cases brought to American courts.  Some say the Geneva convention requires this.  If people knew the Constitution they would know it is illegal for us to sign any treaties with any foreign countries that gives away our sovereignty.  Barack Obama and the Dems agree meaning that Congress – which is Democratically controlled – believes that the Constitution is just a piece of paper.  That is two branches of government that no longer back the Constitution.  Obama even said, “What we know is that, in previous terrorist attacks – for example, the first attack on the World Trade Center – we were able to arrest those responsible, put them on trial.  They are currently in US prisons, incapacitated.”  There are so many things wrong with that, where do I start?  First of all, they were on American soil.  Secondly, it was after the attacks which did us alot of good.  Thirdly, these guys are incapacitated?!  What a bumbling fool!  Islam is the strongest rising religion in our prisons and these guys still mastermind plans from inside those walls.  Obama also said that Republicans would do “what they’ve done every election cycle, which is to use terrorism as a club to make the American people afraid to win elections.”  Excuse me?!  Did you see that last part?  So when Dems win elections, it is the American people winning elections?  Actually, we lose either way.

And now we have this oil crisis thing which BOTH parties are using politically at our expense.  President Bush came out and made some “strong” statements yesterday about what Congress should do.  I italicized strong because what a wimp he was.  First of all, he should have issued an executive order and forget about Congress.  Secondly, he said he would act after Congress so they could work in tandem.  He’s a bumbling idiot too.  Like he doesn’t know that Congress will do nothing.  He is using this to make the Dems look bad which is already painfully obvious without Bush having to hurt the American people.  The Dems keep crowing about how Bush is in bed with the oil companies and that these companies have leases on 68 million acres that they aren’t drilling.  Which is it, Democrats?  Are these oil companies greedy or inept?  The Dems always talk about the greed and profits of these companies so I would think they would be drilling everywhere they could.  Or perhaps it is not profitable to drill in these places and not much oil.  So why not let them drill where we have already explored.  You see, they all are either insane or sinister.  Democrat Representative Hinchey of New York also mentioned that “nationalizing the oil companies” thing again yesterday as well.  Umm…I wasn’t great in economics, but I do believe monopolies charge more because they have no competition.  And we’ve seen what the government has done with social security. 

Maybe we are the insane ones.  How many Americans are backing these Marxist ideas coming from the “progressives”?  We’ve seen this kind of government falter all over the world.  We’ve seen our government fail time and time again and yet we want to give them more?!  Not even God does that and He is way generous.  Read the parable about the talents to see how God feels about giving responsibility to the irresponsible.

Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans showed us what the government creates and what it can do.  The 500 year flood in Iowa and Illinois and soon elsewhere shows what the people can do.  Perhaps government should go back to what the founding fathers built it as:  For the people, by the people.  By the way, New Orleans does realize that the Mississippi ends up there, right?  I’m sure they’ll be prepared. 


2 responses to “Our Government Is Insane

  1. LOL!

    If I am an American citizen and in the course of my travels I got lost in island where local laws say everyone should be treated with all due hospitality and be allowed to enjoy to my fill. Being a non-resident of the area, should such laws also apply to me or not? Or, take it this way. I happened to reach a place where the punishment for a crime is by guillotine, after due process, of course. Accidentally, I was implicated in the crime. Should I be allowed to avail of their law on due process or should they cut my head immediately because I am a foreigner?

    Hmmmnnn… Just thinking… no, not of the answer to my questions but of that wonderful island 😀

  2. Check this out,, and look at the link within…it seems soooo far fetched….and ridiculous….http://www.thewatcherfiles.com/exposing_reptilians.htm

    now go to youtube, and look up ” CNN shapeshifter” and “reptilians” and watch some of those.

    People WTF do we do?

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