Don’t Let Michelle Obama Fool You

One of my favorite people has stepped out in the limelight again after making a transformation – oh, damn, I’m not suppose to talk about her anymore right or Barack is going to get me.  Anyway, the media is fawning all over her again after her appearance on The View.  But her little fist bump to all the girls and talk of legs sans pantyhose doesn’t fool me one bit.  I’ve seen her red soul and it still is there.  You can’t cover it over with a new hair-do and a smile.  It must be hard to hold a smile when you have spent most of your life pissed off that the only opportunities you’ve had are Princeton and $ 300,000+ income jobs.  This woman is going to be hosting world leaders and terrorists – keep that in mind.

So Whoopi Goldberg – who I must admit has made some of my favorite movies – stepped in it big time as she fawned over Michelle.  Goldberg wanted to make a point to all of America that people like me have taken Michelle out of context or omitted words when speaking of Michelle’s “first time being proud” comments.  She played a clip in which Michelle said that this was the first time she was REALLY proud of her country.  Supposedly, we have all omitted that word and somehow that makes a difference in what she said.  Unfortunately for Whoopi, Michelle made that speech more than once and twice that day.  In some of these other tapes Michelle herself omits the word “really”.

Then Bawara Wawers had to put in her two cents worth.  She asked poor Michelle why she thought Republicans were going after her and causing controversy.  Why was she being attacked?  What a laugh!  If you repeat back to someone something they said verbatim and ask them to explain, it’s an attack?  I guess if your a liberal.  Message to the adulterer known as Walters:  Michelle causes controversy by opening her mouth and spilling forth excrement.  In this country we still have freedom of speech (Unless the Fairness Doctrine passes) and that means we also have the freedom to be put on the spot over what we say.

As a reminder of who Michelle Obama really is, look at this infamous quote of hers (nobody asked her about this one of course), “We’re going to have to make sacrifices, we’re going to have to change our conversation, we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history and we’re going to have to move to a different place.”  Would that place be the Soviet Union?  Change our history?!  I thought the past was the past.  Don’t go screwing with our American traditions either, Michelle.  One of those traditions is following the path laid by the Founding Fathers.  Covering your heart during the National Anthem is another.  And patriotism ranks up there as well.  And sacrifices?!  You mean paying more taxes to cover the bloated spending your husband has on tap.  Or possibly giving up the Constitution? 

Don’t be fooled – you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig (or in this case a sickle and hammer).  And no, I’m not calling Michelle a pig which I’m sure the liberals would love to accuse me of that.


9 responses to “Don’t Let Michelle Obama Fool You

  1. Son of Bill Brasky

    Where’s Cindy McCain? Is she even real? She says nothing and does nothing..

    Funny how the Obama’s get the elitist tag when it’s McCain’s wife who’s done absolutely nothing all her life except inherit a fortune.. ELITIST INDEED.

  2. Umm…she appeared on Good Morning America the day after Michelle’s appearance on the view. What has she done? Well, I guess raising 4 kids, one of which she adopted from a foreign orphanage where she was volunteering is nothing. I also believe she has come out several times telling everyone how proud she is of her country. Inheriting a fortune doesn’t automatically make someone an elitist. It is the way they speak that reveals that. Cindy is soft spoken and genuine, whereas Michelle is bitter and angry and had to be coached into a “new” persona. Cindy has nothing to prove while Michelle has everything to prove – and I’m still waiting for the multiple apologies that she owes.

  3. Obama in 2008!!!
    Higher taxes in 2009!!!
    and 2010!!!
    and 2011!!!
    and 2012!!!

    Remember, Michelle Obama said we must make sacrifices. She and her husband will insure that YOU make those sacrifices if they have to beat the sacrifice out of you with their hammer and sickle.

  4. Well this is one good darn blog so I guess I’ll put my 2 cents in even in the older topics if nobody minds? Now, that the election is done and overwith…to answer the posters questions about what Cindy McCain has done… well along with raising a decent family – Mrs. McCain has flown on several outreach missions to foreign countries in order to bring relief and aid. And no, she didn’t just lend her NAME to a project she went in and WORKED with her hands and set up charitable programs for discarded children in need of medical care. I was not a McCain supporter …nor as anyone guesses, an Obama supporter but as women go, Cindy McCain has my utmost respect.

  5. I heard Glenn Beck mention Michelle Obama’s quote about American “changing its history,” and I had to check to see if it were true. How could she get away with making and outrageous comment like that?

    Oh wait, the Lamestream media was actively promoting the Obambi presidential campaign back then, so her comment was ignored.

  6. I have located the entire quote in a the footage of a speech she gave in San Juan, Puerto Rico on May 14, 2008. People have rumored to have seen this on ABC’s The View when Michelle Obama cohosted it on June 18, 2008, but I watched 24 minutes of it and didn’t see it.

    So feel free to go to the link to see the footage.

  7. Whether we are able to impeach Obama, or not … Barack and Michele should be convicted of treason. Their crimes against America and the American people must be punished with more than just a slap on the hand.

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