Another Block To Drilling

The government has done it once again and indeed, it is the Democrats at fault once again.  I’m sure this party claims to be for the little people.  I could have sworn that Nancy Pelosi all but promised that if the Democrats were given Congress, gas prices would go down.  And now almost two years later the Democrats have once again voted along party lines to block drilling on the outer continental shelf.  Never mind that China and Cuba are already there.  A subcommittee had a bill brought before them this last week that would have authorized drilling on the outer continental shelf and was voted down 9 to 6.  Here are those that were against and for:

AGAINST:  Norman Dicks (WA), James Moran(VA), Maurice Hinchey (NY), John Olver (MA), Alan Mollohan (WV), Tom Udall (NM), Ben Chandler (KY), Ed Pastor (AZ), and Dave Obey (WI).

FOR:  Todd Tiahrt (KS), John Peterson (PA), Jo Ann Emerson (MO), Virgil Goode, Jr. (VA), Ken Calvert (CA), and Jerry Lewis (CA).

Give those that were against a piece of your mind.  Off-shore drilling is one of the safest ways to drill and is so far out that it does not obstruct the views of people like myself whoever enjoy hanging out at the beach.  These government officials just aren’t listening even with American Solutions petition up to 650,000 signatures and Chuck Norris on board.  How much more before Americans decide to rise up and take the country back?  I’m reading a fiction book right now called The Lost Constitution and it chronicles how Rhode Island was against the Constitution and many citizens were uncomfortable with the idea of it.  Perhaps they foresaw a time when apathetic citizens would let the government grow its power and destroy the principles this country was founded on.


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