Tim Russert: A Truly Fair And Nice Man

I’ve spent most of last night and this morning listening to the coverage of Tim Russert’s sudden passing.  I was in shock myself yesterday afternoon when the news came over the radio.  You just don’t expect someone so well known and relatively young to just drop dead.  Tim Russert and Meet The Press were really the ones who helped me cut my teeth in the world of politics.  His sense of fairness and truth and the way he would pin any politician to the wall were great.  As the main stream media became a far left cheerleader, Russert kept his even hand and it was refreshing.  For the past three years, I watched Meet The Press almost religiously.  I loved the way that his eyes were always smiling no matter what the rest of his face was doing.

When Russert was doing his book tour for the book he wrote about his father, we were all introduced to another side that made him even more like the every-man he appeared to be.  It was touching to see this tough political guy being so soft when speaking of his father.  It really is terribly tragic that his son, Luke, will always be remembering his father’s death during Father’s Day from now on.

During the primaries, I would occassionally switch to MSNBC to see if Russert was on with his little white eraser board that became his election trademark.  It was always disheartening to see that NBC thought so little of him as to put him to the side of Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews, almost as if he were their sidekick.  I also forced myself to watch much of MSNBC’s coverage yesterday because these people were his collegues.  It was not easy, but not because they all seemed so choked up.  I know reporters try to remain unemotional, but come on, tear up a little.  And listening to the blowhard Olbermann speak wistfully of Russert and comment on how he wished he could be more like Russert with his fairness.  Give me a break!  Olbermann is probably salivating over Russert’s seat right now.  He has no desire to be fair and doesn’t even pretend to want to be.  He is as far left as can be.  And then here comes Chris Matthews.  What an asshole!  If anyone saw his comments last night, regardless of political affiliation, it probably made you sick too.  He went off into an anti-Iraq war rant as he and Olbermann discussed Russert’s support of the troops and of the war because Russert felt we were threatened with nuclear weapons.  Bad show Matthews!  You should spend this weekend reflecting on the life of a man who America mourns regardless of who they are – a man who was known to everybody and I’m betting liked by everyone.  Russert was a man that demanded respect just for being who he was.  He was a true American patriot and will be sorely missed.  God bless to the Russert family!


3 responses to “Tim Russert: A Truly Fair And Nice Man

  1. I thought despite Olbermann’s partisan venom, yesterday was a night that really humanized him. You could see him getting choked up over the passing of his friend.

    Matthews, on the other hand, betrayed his hackery.

  2. Rest in peace, Mr. Russert.

    A haiku for you, sir.

    NBC’s coverage
    of election night this year
    will not be the same

  3. I wish I could believe that Olbermann was humanized, but I can’t because of the way he usually presents himself. It’s just like the tears of a remorseful criminal – are they sorry because they really are or because they were caught. The same is true for Olbermann, is he really sad or just spotlighting in the moment for the attention.

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