So Obama Is The Man

This is going to be really fun now!  I hope everyone cleans the wax out of their ears and washes the scales from their eyes.  This guy made it very clear last night what kind of a Dicta…oops I mean president he hopes to be.  The idea that Obama is a Marxist in American clothing is not just some catch phrase, it is the truth.  Unfortunately, the young people that scamper after him are indoctrinated idiots and the ideas behind Socialism sound great to them.  A guy I know made the following comment, “Marx had a lot of great ideas, it’s just too bad that man is involved in the equation because then it always goes wrong.”  Unfortunately, the true ideas of Marx were to take from the wealthy and give it to the government and leave everyone on the same footing – poverty.  Case in point: The Soviet Union.

Obama began his “victory” speech last night with saying to his supporters, “Because you chose to listen not to your doubts or your fears, but to your greatest hopes and highest aspirations, tonight we mark the end of one historic journey with the beginning of another, a journey that will bring a new and better day to America.”  Oh really?  What a preposterous statement from a man, who like Hillary, used example after example in his speeches – including this one – a bunch of sob stories, not of people rising above circumstances, but falling under them and wanting the government to bail them out.  That is not hope and those are not aspirations.  Obama’s plans for this country have nothing to do with the little guy pulling himself up by the bootstraps.  He is so much puff, he doesn’t even listen to himself.  Perhaps he should read what others are writing for him better.

Then this Marxist continued with, “We owe our children a better future.”  Oh really?  The new programs that I have outlined that Barack is proposing should shackle our children and our grandchildren and probably our greatgrandchildren for generations.  The energy policies that all of these candidates propose should leave our children going no more than 5 miles from home because they will no longer be able to afford driving and alternative fuels have failed, cost too much or still not been implemented.  The children will continue to fail in a world that is quickly outpacing American children who are lucky to be able to add without a calculator and who can spell something other than LOL.

And then Obama dropped this bombshell, “It’s understanding that fiscal responsibility and shared prosperity can go hand-in-hand.”  Oh really?  You don’t say.  I mean is this guy for real?  Is anyone listening to him?  How in the hell is shared prosperity (stealing my money to give to others) fiscally responsible?  And again, I must point out that this man’s economic ideas and programs are anything but responsible.  Message to Obama, raising taxes doesn’t make anyone prosperous.  ‘Notha message to the B boy:  Shared prosperity is your own made up verbage.  There is no such thing.  Unless you work for the Mafia or in the Hood and do it by force.  BY FORCE PEOPLE.

And just another quick note on that energy policy, Obama said, “…pass an energy policy that works with automakers to raise fuel standards, and makes corporations pay for their pollution, and oil companies invest their record profits in a clean energy future.”  He must have spoken with Maxine Waters last week since it sounds like he wants to Nationalize oil companies and tell them what to do.  And since Barack didn’t already know this, um…those oil companies have been investing in clean energy.  Where has he been?  If he wants to put a death grip on these companies, he can kiss any energy including gas good-bye.

I don’t know if Barack will be president, but I’m betting that he has a good chance and he will be just what the country needs to wake it up to a need for a different direction that has everything to do with being a Republic and nothing to do with Socialism.  Barack Obama just may be the Jimmy Carter that was needed to get a Ronald Reagan.  I just pray our country can withstand it and still be here.


2 responses to “So Obama Is The Man

  1. croneandbearit

    It truly frightens me that I am happy Obama rama lama ding dong made the cut, because that means Hitlery won’t be on the ticket. Trading one disaster for another. Then come Fall most sheep will choose between O and McCain; the lesser of the two evils. For the first time I’m leaning toward Libertarian and yet I’m not happy with their candidate either. What a mess we have gotten ourselves into! Good blog – I’ll be back! Linda

  2. Obama rama lama ding dong? Now that’s hilarious! I laughed out loud, oh I mean LOL! I’m not happy with any choices out there. The closest to my values and much of America’s is Chuck Baldwin.

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