Obama Leaves Church – Does It Matter?

I guess Barack Obama finally figured out what I have stated over and over again, Trinity Church of Christ is not a Christian church and not a place that any Christian should be a member of.  More proof of this came to light as yet another religious teacher, Catholic Priest Flagler, was recorded ranting about Hillary Clinton and throwing around racist jargon – and he’s white.  I have been very angry with the many of the things that have been preached from the pulpit of this church, but even more telling are the reactions of the congregation.  These people stand up, applaud and cheer the things being said that are clearly racist and America-hating.  These people don’t protest and stand up against the clearly un-biblical teaching.  As a matter of fact, I find it hard to believe that Bibles are even opened in this church.

And so now, Obama decides to take his family and leave the church.  Has anyone noticed that this guy spends most of his time leaving people and organizations and distancing himself from lifelong friends.  Might make one think that he has bad judgement.  Might make one think that he holds many of the same beliefs.  Honestly, if I had a friend who spent most of their time slurring people and being negative, I would toss them to the curb.  Not because people tell me I should, but because I would have made that decision for myself long ago.  Once again Obama proves himself to be a politician like all the rest.  He does anything that proves to be politically expedient.

Does it matter to me that he left – No.  It just solidifies that I have been right about this guy all along.


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