McCain And The League Of Democracies

Just the other day, John McCain decided to endorse a proposed League of Democracies.  What is that exactly?  Well, it seems that the United nations is a failure – I definately agree with that – and so there needs to be another group to do a better job – I definately disagree with that.  This “league” would be a new global compact between 100 democratic countries that would strengthen support for the U.S.’s overseas agenda and our global leadership.  According to McCain it would work better than the UN. 

One of Barack Obama’s policy advisors has also spoken in favor of this plan.  That’s a dead give away that there is something amiss here.  Another indication that this group may be nefarious in nature is that one of the originators of this idea is Ivo Daalder, a national security expert at the Brookings Institute.  The seminar about this also took place at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.  This organization was founded by Andrew Carnegie in 1910.  Andrew Carnegie was a wealthy steel magnate in the early part of the 20th century and was known as “American Royalty”.  Carnegie was never a member of Skull & Bones, but his substantial wealth is controlled by the Order.  He along with the likes of the Harriman, Rockefeller and Bush families are thought to be part of a secret group of people behind our government.  The Brookings Institute is one of their “wings” for lack of a better word.  At any rate, any attempt to build another global organization should not be endorsed by any American President or wannabe.  The US basically ends up using tax payer money to finance these engourged groups and world representatives who spend more time illegally parking in New York than aiding the starving and slaughtered around the globe.


2 responses to “McCain And The League Of Democracies

  1. Why do you assume that this league would be US-centric? I don’t honestly know the details of McCain’s plan, but I think increasing democracy at the global level is a great idea…


  2. As stated, the group’s purpose is to strengthen the US’s agendas, so that is US-centric. Increasing democracies is great, but America is not suppose to be nation building with tax payer money. It’s against the Constitution! And anything that increases globalization will ultimately lead to a loss of American sovereignty.

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