So What If China, Russia And Iran Want To Be Friends

Shouldn’t we all just get along?  How great is the news that China and Russia last week met and made nice with each other!  I mean goodness, these are all the emerging superpowers, what do we have to fear?  Chinese President Hu Jintao and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev met in Benjing to forge closer ties in regards to energy and trade.  They also would like to shape global security.  In regards to that desire, they both issued a joint statement urging the world to deal with Iran’s nuclear issue through dialogue and equal consultation (whatever that is suppose to mean).  They urged the same methods be used with Iraq, Afghanistan and Darfur.  And their main issue that they wanted to denounce is America’s missile shield.  They said that the missile shield and its placement in certain parts of the world would hinder international arms control and non-proliferation efforts.  The reality is that our missile shield is suppose to render their nuclear threats to us obsolete.  President Medvedev also issued a veiled threat by stating that Russia would take “appropriate” measures if the US deploys their missile-defense plans.  In the past, Russia has threatened to target missile-defense sites with nuclear weapons.  I guess that means if we have a site in Poland, the Poles can kiss their country good-bye.  Of course, that would also usher in WWIII.

Speaking of WWIII, I believe that will truly be the war to end all wars.  We’ve never had nuclear weapons available during one of these squabbles.  Biblical prophecy speaks of a connection between Russia, China and Iran against Israel.  We are seeing developments over the past few years that indicate to me that this war could soon be coming.  Protesters of the war in Iraq claim we are there for the oil – evidently the gas pumps haven’t heard this news.  The Bush Adminstration claims we are there to get WMDs and to root out the terrorists.  I have always believed that we are using this as a way to get a base of operations in Iraq to better be able to fight Iran.  I don’t know that we will strike before President Bush leaves office or even if it will be pre-emptive, but America feels a need to be close evidently.

Iran and China forged an alliance back in 2004 with a deal for Iran to supply China with 10 tons of liquified natural gas annually for 25 years while China would invest in Iran for exploration and drilling.  Russia has already defended Iran’s “right” to have nuclear power and has supplied them with weapons and also air defense missiles – Russia does deny that.  Now Russia and China are together and Russia’s head of their atomic energy agency, Sergei Kiryeko said that the two countries plan to sign a billion dollar deal to cooperate in building a civilian nuclear facility.  YES THAT’S RIGHT, A NUCLEAR FACILITY!  Iran and Russia are the world’s biggest energy exporters and are exporting energy to China.  The same China that will soon be eating up all the available oil pumped in a day.  A security group led by Russia and China called the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is a forum to counter US influence in Central Asia and was started in 2001.  In 2005, Iran was invited as an observer.  So it would seem that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Keep in mind that both China and Russia have veto wielding power at the UN.  We have had several run-ins with Iranian speedboats and our Navy in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz in recent months.  We all know that those were to check out our defenses.  We should have fired on them to let the world know that we will protect ourself when threatened.  We know the President of Iran wants to bring about Armageddon to bring out the 12th Imam. 

All these “little” things appear to be much bigger when seen as a whole.  America will get to a point where we don’t have the fuel to keep our military a fighting force.  The main fuel providers are mostly against us.   Our Congress won’t let us supply ourselves. The world energy providers will squeeze us in this way.  Most of our debt is owed to China and they could call that debt in at any time.  Our money will be even more worthless.  Most of our enemies will be armed with nuclear weapons.  This all foreshadows a falling of America from Superpower status.  And if you study Bible Prophecy like I do, you will notice that America doesn’t seem to play much of a part when the world comes to an end.  I think it is because America is no longer around, at least not as anything worth noticing.  In Daniel 7:4 there is a beast that looks like a lion (symbol for Britain) that had the wings of an eagle (symbol for America) and the wings are torn off.  That doesn’t sound good for us.  We will probably have a government over us next year that is even worse then what we have now.  If the naive let Obama be “king” and the Congress is given over to the liberals, there will be nothing to stop them.  Stop them from what?  Destroying America for good.


10 responses to “So What If China, Russia And Iran Want To Be Friends

  1. iran is going to have a NUCLEAR FACLITY?


    whats wrong with you people? usa has the same facilities france has it.. russia has it..
    why not iran ?
    I think people like you trying to manipulate ppl and showing iran as a threat
    at the same time god knows how many nuclear weapons USA has! but no when its iran OH MY GOD
    you people are not going to fool ppl as long time as you think

  2. I’m not surprised by your position on Iran having nuclear weapons. Your intelligence is on full display here with your flowing grammer, wonderful spelling and capitalization skills. With mush for brains like yours, I’m sure everyone having nuclear weapons is a great idea to you. Who cares if the man with the red button is a dictator who wants nothing less than to annihilate Israel and bring about the coming of the 12th Imam and the end of the world. (Hope I didn’t confuse you with the big words.)

  3. Does Russia want to be friends with Georgia?


  4. OC, I just read today that Russia is recognizing the independence of Georgia’s independence seeking regions. Doesn’t sound so friendly, eh?

  5. More proof the US needs to get off of
    foreign oil..time to get serious.

  6. Biblical prophecy speaks of a connection between Russia, China and Iran against Israel.

    lol what!?! Russia was just a bunch of nomadic tribes during biblical times, China was barely even acknowledged to exist if it wasn’t for the silk road and Iran follows a religion that also didn’t exist when the bible was written.
    Now if you’re gonna say that the bible can predict the future then God/Jesus/Yahwah/whoever the hell you want to call him did a bang up job on being mysterious and rather than blatantly stating “Hey guys it’s gonna be China and Russia k?” he opted for a much more vague approach. Well done god… I am quite amazed that people such as yourself think that you sound educated when you’re writing.

    • You are right Meyer, God did do a bang up job of cloaking the future He describes through prophecy. You obviously are unable to understand that countries were once called by different names, but they still exist in the same regions. But the truth of the matter is, I would rather be considered an idiot and yet saved then completely lost. If you would throw aside your arrogance and open your heart to Jesus, you could be a saved idiot like me too and I pray that someday that does happen. Psalm 14:1

  7. I have to agree with the guy called burak, as we all know US has a lot nuclear weapons, but they never destroyed it, so if you really think that having nuclear weapons in the world is bad as you claim, why don’t you start deleting all your shits?

    Why are American people so selfish?.

    As you can see US will stop being a Superpower soon.

    In 100 years you’ll see that all countries will have the same power, then it will be a world balanced.

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