Libertarian Party Chooses Their Candidate

This weekend in Denver, the Libertarian Party decided to choose Bob Barr, a former member of the GOP, as their candidate to run for president.  His running mate will be Wayne Allyn Root.  I have heard both of these men interviewed on the radio and have liked what I have heard.  I do still lean to the Constitution Party because I feel they are stronger on immigration and have a more socially conservative foundation and being that I am Christian, that is appealing to me.  But the Libertarian Party is a great alternative to me as well.  Both of these parties stand for freedom and the principles that this country was built on.  I think it would serve us well to make sure that the candidates from both these parties not only get on all the state ballots, but that they also get 15% support in the polls, so that they can participate in debates.  If more of America hears more of the same as what Ron Paul was bringing forward, they might just listen – we can always hope.  Right now both Bob Barr (L) and Chuck Baldwin (C) expect to be on the ballots in 48 states.  And neither of these men plan to play spoilers.  They aim to win and get the message out.  Then perhaps after the Democrats have finished off what the Republicans started, this country will look to something new in 2013.


2 responses to “Libertarian Party Chooses Their Candidate

  1. Do you really think Barr aims to win?

  2. I’m assuming, otherwise I have to believe he wants to hurt the Libertarian Party. Of course, no third party candidate has a chance in this country with the system that is set up. Perhaps Ron Paul can help him.

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