Steven Curtis Chapman Tragedy

Although I know the mainstream media will probably only give this story a cursory glance, it is major news in the Christian community – and heartbreaking.  My heart is completely broken over the news I heard this morning that Steven Curtis Chapman’s five year old daughter was struck and killed in the family’s driveway by a vehicle driven by Steven’s teenage son.  I cannot begin to comprehend the sadness this family is feeling, nor what that son must be feeling.  I also have run the gammet of the “why” questions since Steven has dedicated his life in service to the Lord and yet this tragedy befalls him.  I know we live in Satan’s world, but it just doesn’t seem fair.  Steven’s music has touched millions of people for years and I know that it has touched my life for the past twenty when I started listening as a teenager.  His family is in my thoughts and prayers.


3 responses to “Steven Curtis Chapman Tragedy

  1. As an American ex-pat in the UK, I was surprised to hear this on the hourly news bulletin on BBC Radio 2, so the mainstream media hasn’t ignored it. When I got online, it was on my top news stories feed from CNN and on the front of the FOX News website.

    May God show His mercy to the Chapman family, and to all of His servants who suffer similar tragedies who are less known to the world at large, but equally known to Him.

  2. Listen when you have the chance – –

    God bless,

  3. Thanks for the link Chris – it’s a beautiful song you have written. I usually focus mainly on politics, but this stopped me in my tracks.

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