Superhighway Shows Up In TV Commercial

Call me paranoid, but I was watching a television commercial that I know I have seen a dozen times.  I guess I never was really paying attention because I never noticed that in the middle of the commercial appears a map of the USA with what appears to be a superhighway – possibly a rendition of the superhighway -that dissects America into four quadrants.  One road runs east to west and the other north to south.  The television ad is run by a group called the API which is a national trade association that represents all aspects of America’s oil and natural gas industry.  They speak on behalf of the petroleum industry to the public, Congress, the media and the President.  My question is, was this just an artistic rendering or a future plan?  We are going to need faster ways to get places using less energy.  Could a superhighway not only connect the North American Union, but also be part of a bigger plan to control where we go and how we get there?  Perhaps it will control where people live.  Or perhaps those green people with the big eyes have been talking to me again.

To have a look for yourself and see what you think go to the following website and click on the video there.  At about eleven seconds the map will appear.


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