Amnesty Rears Its Ugly Head Again

We knew they would try it again in a more subtle way didn’t we?  This government is going to have amnesty, by God, whatever it takes.  Even if it means hurting our military in Iraq.  The Senate loaded up a new war funding bill that is due to be voted on today with earmarks that include work permits for immigrant farm labor (they must be illegal if they don’t already have permits) and heating subsidies for the poor.  Can anyone tell me what those two things have to do with funding the war and the troops?  And there are other little add-ons as well.  I am war weary too, but we can’t leave our troops and veterans out in the cold.  So Senators can either vote to fund the troops and give benefits to illegals or they can look like bad guys and vote the bill down.  Of course, I believe they should vote this down and immediately set up another emergency bill with NO EARMARKS!  Listen Washington, how many times do we have to tell you we are over your bloated pork bills?

The White House has threatened to veto if it passes and I hope President Bush sticks to that.  If he doesn’t then 1.4 million illegal immigrant workers will be allowed to stay up to five years to ease what is described as a shortage of farm workers.  Supposedly crops are rotting in the fields.  I don’t believe that for a second.  Call your leaders in Washington and let them know that this is an outrage and must stop! 


One response to “Amnesty Rears Its Ugly Head Again

  1. A quick update: It appears that two amnesty provisions were removed before the vote, but one still remains. I guess when we bark loud enough, the politicians do hear us. Let’s see where they try to hide it next.

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