The Republicans Have A Big Problem

     The Republicans have been dealt blow after blow in the election booth for sometime now.  It started with the House coming under the control of Democrats when voters decided to send a message and voted for more Democrats than Republicans.  I think the real breaking point actually started with Clinton beating Bush #1 in his bid for a second term after he proved himself to be a liar (No new taxes) and drifted from the conservative values that Reagan defined and stuck to for the most part.  Now more recently, three seats have been lost in districts that have been long standing Republican strongholds.

     Kay Granger, Republican Representative from Texas, appeared on C-SPAN2 this morning to discuss the issue of what Republicans are going to do to win back their base.  She tried to be honest in her explanation by saying that Republicans have been losing because they have disappointed people and the American people are war weary.  She said they need to show that they are listening and “need to earn our brand back”.  The problem is that she never defined what their “brand” is and that is why the GOP is lost.  the fact that they have John McCain as their pick for president and stand behind him is proof enough.  Granger said they need to reach out to women and especially Independents.  Another telling sign because politicians and the media treat Independents like they are a third party when in reality it is a misnomer that represents a whole gammet from Communists to Libertarians to Constitutionalists to Anarchists, etc.  Message to the GOP:  You MUST define everything!  Don’t throw words out there and expect thinking people to follow.

     Granger also said that Republicans need to focus locally and get involved close to home.  I hate to break it to her, but that grassroots area now belongs to us “freedom fighters” who are waging our “war” on the government.  Ron Paul has proven that as well as the win Joseph Liberman had upon declaring himself an Independent.  The Republicans when pushed to the wall, still have no clue who they are suppose to be and what they represent.  That is why it is time for conservatives to embrace something new.


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