Ron Paul And The Revolution: A Manifesto

On May 7th, Ron Paul gave a talk before the American Conservative Defense Alliance on his book, “The Revolution: A Manifesto” that was aired on C-SPAN2 this morning.  I admit that when Ron Paul came on the scene early in the presidential campaign, I did not pay him much notice because I had heard he had some crazy ideas and the media was paying him almost no notice.  Then I saw and heard about the groundswell beneath him and I also noticed that despite his growing support, the media was still ignoring him as well as the GOP.  That got me interested and I investigated him.  I have liked alot of what I have seen including the fact that he is still in this race.  How many people are even aware of that?  Ron Paul has been asked repeatedly why he appears to have so much support based on signage and donations and yet not alot of votes at the booth.  His answer is that his movement, which is really the movement of freedom lovers, has passion whereas other Republican candidates are followed by superficial voters.  That is so true!  I used to listen to a radio guy in Colorado, Mike Rosen, whose premise was that Party trumps personality.  I could never swallow that because it is empty headed to just put a check next to somebody because they have an (R) next to their name.  I believe principles trumps Party.  Who cares if the GOP is in power if they lean liberal.

One of the key things Paul had to say was that it is sad that obeying the Constitution is considered a revolution today.  He said, “If we don’t stick strictly to the Constitution, nothing is left.”  There is hope though because many young people are embracing the Constitution.  Paul also pointed out that the 4th Amendment is all but gone because the government has taken advantage of the fact that when people are frightened, they will give up their liberties easily.  Face it – it takes guts to stand up for what is right and true when the mainstream goes against that.  True conservatives in government should not still be embracing the Patriot Act.  The whole reason why we put up with it was because it would sunset.  Instead, our government has made it the law of the land now.  And conservatives still support it because it protects us – from what?!  The Constitution protects us from government while the Patriot Act gives them free reign in my life.  I have nothing to hide, but that doesn’t make it so I don’t care if the government snoops.  Sometimes I feel like a salmon swimming upstream, but if I stop then I go over the waterfall and Facism is waiting there.  Don’t think it can’t happen here.  Review history and see where we are today from the time of the Founding Fathers.

Some of the other main points of his speech were that his campaign has shed light on the Federal Reserve system and the fact that the “full faith and credit” of our currency has given our money a subjective value which is moving closer to no value at all.  The Soviets fell due to their economy, not America.  The same can happen here.  Paul spoke of the military-industrial complex that we have been under since the 50s and the new Medical Complex which gives us insurance that is basically pre-paid care (which we still end up making co-pays and uncovered balance payments).  This is why Socialistic medicine has come to the forefront in this campaign and why so many in the country are embracing it despite the fact that the rest of the world has proven it to be a horrible and deadly idea.

Paul stands for property rights and not the governments idea of imminent domain and when it comes to foreign policy he supports a non-interventionist policy and no occupation which is what Iraq appears to have become.  I do veer away from Paul though when he speaks of his foreign policy in regards to Iran.  He says we should not be threatening or putting forward sanctions.  That we should talk to Iran’s leaders like Kennedy spoke to the Soviets during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  This is a weakness that I think has really kept Paul down and something he should revise because it appears that he doesn’t understand radical Islam.  The Soviets did not want to die anymore than we did.  Mutual Annihilation worked.  These crazy radical Muslims though don’t care if they die and see it as an honor.  We have to deal with Iran differently especially when talking about nuclear weapons.  Paul did point out the fact that Arabs and Muslims forget nothing while Americans have short memories.

Paul ended by saying that he is optimistic which is another word for hope – something Obama abuses and doesn’t understand.  This makes Paul endearing.  When asked what the government’s role should be, he answered, “Preserve liberty.”


One response to “Ron Paul And The Revolution: A Manifesto

  1. The revolution a manifesto is a great read. Even if you don’t care for Ron Paul for President you really need to get his view on foreign policy.

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