Government To The Rescue Over Gas Prices

In case you haven’t been paying attention…Let me rephrase that…Since the media is not covering this, let me enlighten everyone a bit.  Here in Florida we have hit the oh-so-close-to-$4.00 mark.  The government and two of the presidential candidates have offered a couple of Band-Aids for the problem.  First they want to stop the gas tax for three months saving me and you $.18 a gallon.  Then they also have stopped our efforts at filling up America’s Emergency Oil Reserves that hold 30 days worth of gas in case of an emergency.  I liken what the government is doing in regards to oil prices to this little analogy:  I go in to have a small cut on my arm closed with stitches which one doctor performs while another hacks off the arm.  Why would I come to that conclusion?  Did you here about the other two events that took place yesterday and today that directly affect oil prices and America’s energy independence?

Yesterday the Senate rejected a Republican energy plan calling for drilling in ANWR and offshore.  The Democrats filibustered which meant the powerless Republicans needed 60 votes which they couldn’t get.  The measure would have given coastal states like mine a chance to get a waiver to the offshore drilling ban.  Then today, the US Interior Department declared polar bears a threatened species.  And why did it come to that conclusion – because polar bear numbers are decling?  Oh no, polar bear numbers have actually doubled since the 1960s.  No they are threatened because of melting ice.  Since when is an animal put on a list because of melting ice and not because of decling numbers?  Umm…and in case no one noticed, since the Ice Age a few thousand years ago, alot of ice has been melting.  That’s called natural, not global warming.  The polar bear is actually the first animal to be put on the list due to global warming.  So a farce has put an animal on the list.  Science sure is building their credibility.  US government models predict the polar bear will be endangered by 2050.  Here’s an idea, why don’t we wait the 40 years and then see where they are at.  Do we really trust computer models and – dare say – the government?  So obviously since the polar bear is now threatened, we can’t drill offshore from their habitat or drill in ANWR. 

Say Nancy (Pelosi)…about those gas prices you promised to get down a couple years ago, how’s that going?  I sure am proud to have you as our first female Speaker of the House.  When you say you’re going to do something to help us little people out here, you sure mean it.  Wow, that must be why Congress has record approval ratings.  Did I mention that those approval ratings are record lows?


3 responses to “Government To The Rescue Over Gas Prices

  1. Actually MSNBC is not a reputable news channel to me because of its overt liberal leanings and bias, but the story was interesting and actually reported by the AP. Of course, I am talking about drilling in more than ANWR. We have plenty offshore and in North Dakota to get us away from foreign oil. I don’t mind importing from Canada and Mexico, but we need to throw OPEC away.

  2. I wounder if the government has realized the cost of food,living,or anything has gone up just for the fact of the cost of oil,will there be any tree huggers round when a loaf of bread is 10 dollars because of the freight charge.Get real people,and get self de not forign

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