Stick A Fork In Obama – He’s Done

All the weeks of denial and complaining about news programs and the like only running sound bites came to an end this afternoon when Barack Obama did what he should have done 19 years ago – disowned Reverend Wright.  The most shocking comment Obama made today was that this was the first time in all the twenty years he has known Wright that he heard him say these things in all their audacity.  He didn’t use the word audacity, but I thought it appropriate.  Does anyone really believe this man who is showing himself to be quite the politician?  He has learned the game and is playing it well – say whatever you have to in order to get elected.  Rush Limbaugh made me laugh out loud today when he compared what Obama said today to a scenario in which Hillary Clinton would call a news conference to say she was shocked to find out that Bill was cheating on her.  Indeed, Barack is just as believable in this true scenario.  Now no one can deny the poor judgement that Obama has because there are no excuses to hide behind.  No longer can he defend holding on to Wright because Wright must have been taken out of context.  Message to the Super-delegates:  Put on your capes and fly over to Hillary’s camp because Obama has no more hope or audacity in becoming President.


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