Message To Washington D.C. – SHUT UP!

That’s right, I want all of you to just shut up!  I’m sick of it!  Today’s press conference with the President and subsequent Democratic answer have pushed me to my breaking point.  Hello – we are your constituents, your bosses.  You are there to represent us and to keep this country together.  I’m tired of the finger pointing: Democrats at Republicans, Republicans at Democrats, Congress at the President and the President at the Congress.  This doesn’t get anything done.  I’m tired of the lipservice too!

You know what drove me a few years back to check into some of the conspiracy theories that have been floating around for decades?  The way this government has run this country.  Glenn Beck wrote a column for calling us a suicidal nation.  I believe we are even worse than suicidal – there seems to be an effort to destroy this nation.  That is the only explanation for why these politicians could care less what we think or what their inaction or action does to this country.  They try to manipulate us into relying solely on them for everything and then they withhold to make sure we are truly broken. 

The answers to our energy problems should have been worked out long ago.  Our reliance on OPEC caused us to give up other options that would really be helping now.  We should already be turning coal to oil.  We should already be drilling everywhere we find oil since we know how to do it in an environmentally safe way.  The standards placed on cars should have been in place long ago.  More money should have been put towards public transportation systems that are safe, cheaper and run on alternative energy.  Now it is too late to really make a difference anytime soon, but we should still implement these things – NOW!

The Fed caused the Great Depression and is winding us that way again.  As I listened to the President check off all the reasons why gas is so high, he forgot the fundamental problem – the Fed and the government have helped devalue our dollar.  John Kennedy was the only President in recent time to try to get the dollar backed by something of value which was silver.  He died right before he could make that happen and possibly is one of the reasons he needed to be taken out.  The Fed has helped banks find easier ways to trap people in more debt.  The Bible tells us that the debtor is slave to the lender.  How many of you are slaves because of your debt?  Our country is a debtor nation.  They have lulled the people into believing that we cannot fall and are the richest and most powerful nation.  It seems to me that this is really an illusion.  We sit precariously on a precipice and it won’t take much to push us over.  God forbid if a major terrorist attack were to hit us anytime soon.  And maybe that is what this is all leading up to.

I fear for our country when I think of the three choices that are up there running for President.  It is going to be one of them.  These rich, career politicians need to go and make room for people who really care about America and bringing her back to what she was meant to be, but that is probably a pipe dream.  The government has been succeeding in so many ways.  Our children are indoctrinated idiots who have become sexualized and worship at the altar of violence and sex found on TV, in movies and video games.  Most don’t think for themselves, are undisciplined and unmotivated.  Why do we think there are so many thirty year olds living at home?  Just stand in line anywhere for service from a teenager and you’ll agree.  Another way that the government is succeeding is by bailing out people and companies when they are failing.  Failure is a good thing because it eventually leads to success.  Unless of course you have taken the path of the kids I just described. 

If the government spent as much time listening to the people and implementation as they do to pocketing lobbyist money and attending dinner parties, they might actually get something done.  But the only thing they are concerned with is keeping their cushy (sp?) government job.  I say we fire them all and start from scratch with real people.  I know there are some good government people out there, so then they can re-apply.  But right now I say they all pack up their desks and take a long walk – that will help some of our energy problems.


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