Would I Be Welcome In Your Church Reverend Wright?

I watched Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s speech and answer to questions at the National Press Club today in its entirety – thus I got the full context.  I also noticed that the camera only seemed to show parts of the audience that were black.  I know there were white people and I’m sure Asians and Hispanics there, but it seemed that there was a certain impression trying to be made.  And Rev. Wright definately felt comfortable enough to hold himself in an arrogant way and answer accordingly or actually dance around real answers.  It reminded me of Barack Obama’s elitist attitude.  Most answers were repeats of the only defense Wright seems to have: “Did you listen to the entire sermon?”, “I was taken out of context”, etc.  The speech’s main focus was on slavery.  I know he was speaking about historical context, but never does this man talk about how far America has come.

Rev. Wright spoke of how the black church has been segregated, but in reality they seem to be the ones who want to keep to themselves.  How can a white person feel comfortable in a church that teaches black liberation theology?  Where in the Bible would Rev. Wright, Jim Cone or the church’s teachings, beliefs and mission statement’s be found?  I would have loved to be in the audience and asked the Reverend the title of my post.  Because not only am I a white female, middle class person, I am also gay.  For all the ranting and raving of the unjustice done to the black people, imagine how it must feel to be living in 2008 and still not be welcome in a Christian congregation.  I do not agree with separateness and that is why I won’t attend “gay” churches.  We are one in the body of Christ.  That is what the Bible teaches.  I already know what the Reverend’s answer would be – “No.” 

I think I have figured out why Reverend Wright has put himself back in the limelight in such a way that does not benefit Barack Obama.  If Barack Obama becomes President it will destroy everything that Reverend Wright stands for.  He will no longer be able to claim that the rich, white man is holding the black person down.  He will no longer be able to claim that we are a racist nation.  He will have to finally enter modern times and stop focusing on the slavery he can never know first hand.  And when the terrorists continue to slaughter our people (black, red, white, yellow, brown, purple), he won’t be able to claim, “You can’t do terrorism and not have it come back on you,” because Barack Obama wants to be friends with our enemies.  The truth about Rev. Wright, Barack Obama and Black Liberation Theology has nothing to do with hope and everything to do with their own interests, elitism and prejudices.


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