We Are Change Protester Attacked For Exercising Free Speech

You may have heard the story of a certain protester by the name of German Talis attacking a wheelchair-bound woman with cerebral palsy at a children’s book signing event involving Laura and Jenna Bush who recently co-authored a children’s book.  I first saw the story up on Glenn Beck’s website and was appalled by what I read, but doubtful also.  This German Talis guy had screamed obscentities at the Bushes and when a man by the name of John Lovetro told him to shutup, German started attacking the man’s wheelchair-bound daughter.  At least that is the story the New York Post wants everyone to believe.  As I researched the event, I found that the truth is very different from what the Post reported.

First of all, I have to say that I am not a financial supporter of We Are Change.  I do; however, support their right to demonstrate and am proud of their record of being non-violent and am proud of their support of the 9/11 first responders who have been quietly dying off without any news coverage or government help.  When it comes to the facts around 9/11, I am not so sure where I stand.  I do believe that some in the government did know that this attack was coming and allowed it to happen.  The same was proven to be the truth with Pearl Harbor.  As to whether bombs brought down the buildings, I remain unconvinced except in regards to WTC Building 7 which definately appeared to be a controlled demolition.  I do remember wondering why the twin towers fell straight down rather than toppling over, but it probably has something to do with physics that I don’t understand.  There are enough questions in my mind and distrust of the government to leave me open though.

German Talis’ real name is Gary and that is what I will be using through the rest of this post.  Gary is a young, thin guy and very unintimidating.  We Are Change decided to protest at this book signing event in New Jersey since there would be press coverage.  They were instructed to stand far away from where the Bushes would be walking out of the store and that is why Gary was yelling.  According to him and several eyewitnesses no obscentities were used.  I watched the tape myself up to the point when the camera was broken and indeed I only heard Gary shouting something about President Bush being responsible for 9/11.  The crowd turned hostile towards Gary.  Gary decided to leave the area since it was getting heated and John Lovetro started following Gary as he pushed his daughter’s wheelchair in front of him.  He then rammed Gary in the back of the legs and pinned him into a corner where he began pummeling Gary.  Both an eyewitness and John’s wife starting yelling for John to stop and made attemts to pull him off of Gary.  The police arrested only Gary and found the daughter to be unscathed, although she was crying over the incident.  If she had been repeatedly punched in the back (I’m not sure how that happened since she was in a wheelchair.) I believe there would have been some bruising or at least redness.  One of the eyewitnesses named Diane followed Gary to the NYPD and found John just standing in the lobby having not been arrested or handcuffed although he was the instigater and assaulter.  She waited two hours to give the police a statement which they would not take.

It is a sad day when someone exercising their free speech is physically attacked.  Activists can drive me crazy too, but we all have our rights, particularly if we are being peaceful.  Believe me Code Pink makes me nuts, but I would never hit any of them – it might knock what little brain cells they have left out.  The truly sad thing though is how untruthful the report of this incident has been and that the media just ran with it.  Just the fact that a handicapped woman was supposedly the victim made me question the story because that seemed too low.  And I knew that We Are Change’s tactics usually involve holding up signs at public venues.  I wish that the supposed conservative press would have taken a step back and done some research.  Of course, they would rather have We Are Change just shutup.

Message to We Are Change – Keep exercising your right to free speech! 


6 responses to “We Are Change Protester Attacked For Exercising Free Speech

  1. Im not argueing about anything at all…but i just wanted to say,about your saying something about “I dunno how you could be punched in the back if your sitting in a wheelchair”…I just thought i would say,it should be obviously VERY possible for that to be able to happen ;-)…Most wheelchair backs go about half way,to allow for more movement,and the ones that don’t,the person can easily lean forward,and there back is easily exposed…i know its not all of it,but its part of it,and i just thought i would point that out at least…

  2. I stand corrected. I just know that most of the wheelchairs I have seen come up to the shoulder blades. Of course, I have no idea what this chair looked like.

  3. I don’t know what your personal political views are, but I’d have to guess that they must be pretty supportive of 9/11 “troofers” and the like to post something like this.
    The police arrested Talis based on the eyewitness testimony of SEVERAL DOZEN people at the event, whose stories all corroborated Lovetro’s.

    In fact, the ONLY accounting of the incident that did not support Lovetro was the lone testimony you’re citing, here, for some reason; that of “Diane”, whom you fail to mention is one of Talis’ fellow “We Are Change” members!

    Please tell me that you aren’t SERIOUSLY taking the word of two professional agitators over those of the police, a handicaped girl and an entire event full of eyewitnesses?!??

    …really, dude?


    With that kind of analytical process… with that ability to ignore the majority of evidence and concentrate on one shred of shaky, obviously biased hearsay, one might wonder whether or not you’re a troofer yourself…

    • Seamus O'Malley

      As if the media “hit piece” wasnt enough….the trolls of disinformation have hit the blogs.

      Well the court case is over & guess what? Ol’ Gary was setup & the jury of his NYC peers found him NOT GUILTY.
      Lets recap, We have a loyal NWO secret service agent, a few typical liar NYC cops, a bully father who disrespects the 1st ammendment & uses his wheelchair ridden daughter as a shield to chase people & physically assualt them & a few schlep Bush supporters that saw nothing. On top of that we have “hit pieces” in the NY Post that fabricate stories & completely distort the truth. We have Sean Hannity doing the same gibberish misinfo……and the Jury saw the setup.

      Really dude?


      Yep. There is a percentage of the population that realizes our government lies. They lie ALOT. This includes lowly paid crooked cops, thug secret service agents, fat jerkoff fathers who use their daughters as a shield in a fight & worthless media Nazi propaganda Fox flunkies.

      Truth is, ground zero rescue people are dieing by the day. Dieing horrible diseases at early ages & our government treates them the same way they treat mamied soldiers that return from an illegal war based on multiple lies. They treat em’ like garbage & the obviousness of the corruption leaves those of us with higher IQ’s scratching our heads at what happened to those of you who cant seem to grasp reality.

      We saw truth before this incident. we saw the setup during this incident & we anticipate the next setup by drones of evil. Your attempt to sound logical in the face of overwhelming evidence only reinforces your little brain IQ. Sorry for you today. We won this battle & it appears we are starting to win the war for truth as well. The jury spoke. you lose, tides are turning.

  4. We Are Change are already villified and treated like they are crazy, so why would one of them beat up on a handicapped woman? They already know they have to be on their best behavior to have any chance of anyone listening to them. If you really have proof that there were several dozens of eyewitnesses that gave statements then why not link to that proof. Or do we just have to take your word for it? And how about some bruises on the woman as proof? I would think that the media would eat this up and readily provide the proof to attempt to shut the mouths of We Are Change. And, no, I am not a “troofer”, but I know better then to trust this government.

  5. news today, he was cleared of all charges, despite govt testifying against him, jury acquittted, saying he did not do those things he was accused of. be skeptical of the headlines.

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