Reverend Wright Gets Back At Barack Obama

Whether Jeremiah Wright meant to get back at Barack Obama over statements Obama made in his “Race” Speech or not, putting himself back in the limelight certainly will not help Barack Obama.  Just when Obama thought he could put Jeremiah Wright behind him, Wright goes on PBS to be interviewed by Bill Moyers tonight and also has a speech planned on Monday in front of the National Press Club.  Here are some of the highlights from the Bill Moyer’s interview:

Rev. Wright claimed that the soundbites were taken out of context and looped, but most soundbites ran several minutes long and so hard to take out of context.  I watched two of the sermons in their entirety and nothing was out of context.  As a matter of fact, the statements he made seemed to come out of left field from what the rest of the sermons were about.  It seemed to me that he was trying to use the Bible to back up his erroneous teachings.  Wright also said that those who ran the soundbites wanted to portray him as, “unpatriotic, unAmerican, filled with hate-speech and that he has a cult.”  Which of those are untrue?  As a matter of fact, every one of those points is true in regards to Wright.  Wright also claimed that his critics know nothing about the church.  He was right at one time, but we have all done our research and an unholy light seems to shine at Trinity Church of Christ.  Wright teaches Black Liberation Theology and Marxism and the church’s mission statement backs those ideals up.  That kind of theology is not Biblical and thus not Christian.  Wright defended the church by pointing out it’s good deeds.  Unfortunately, those don’t get anyone into heaven.

Bill Moyers asked Wright what he felt when he saw the soundbites and he said that they were, “Unfair, unjust, untrue” and being done for “devious reasons”.  How can something be untrue when it comes straight from your mouth?  Nobody made Wright say the abhorrent things he did.  One can only wonder what more he has said through the years that were not caught on tape.  These were only the best of the best I assume since the church put out the DVD.  Wright also claimed that being at odds with policies is not new to him.  He feels he is the target of hatred – what a joke Mr. Hate-the-rich-white-man himself.

Bill Moyers pointed out that Wright had led Obama to the faith, married him, baptized him and counseled him and yet Obama had to say some hard things in the Philadelphia speech.  He asked, “How did that go down with you?”  Here is where Rev. Wright stuck it to Barack.  He answered, “He’s a politician, I’m a pastor.  We speak to two different audiences.  And he says what he has to say as a politician and I say what I have to say as a pastor.  Those are two different worlds,” and, “He does what politicians do.”  What is it that politicians do?  Most cynical people like myself answer, “Lie.”  I have to interpret that to be what Wright is claiming along with politicians being disingenuous and saying whatever people want to hear.  That also proves a point I have made many times that Obama is no different from any other lifelong politician and thus will bring no change.

Moyers asked Wright if he had ever heard Obama repeat any of the controversial statements that Wright has made and he said, “No” as he looked down and to the side.  All other answers had been direct and eye to eye.  Not saying he was lying, but it did seem strange.  He also claimed that he doesn’t talk to Obama about politics.  I guess he just blasts that kind of thing from the pulpit, right?  What a lie – of course they have talked politics, they are both passionate about it.

Wright finished by saying that a “pastor speaks to the people of God about the things of God”.  I guess Wright really isn’t a pastor since he most certainly does not speak of the things of Jesus Christ.


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