John McCain Thinks His Base Is “Out Of Touch With Reality.”

John McCain is showing his presidential side by barking orders to the North Carolina GOP.  Today in an interview with the Today show, John McCain said, “They’re not listening to me because they’re out of touch with reality and the Republican Party.  We are the party of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan and this kind of campaigning is unacceptable,” when asked why he couldn’t stop the North Carolina GOP from running a political ad that featured Obama’s pastor Jeremiah Wright.  Where do I start?  First of all, Senator McCain, you are not the boss of the GOP.  Secondly, I wonder how you feel about free speech.  Thirdly, the only person who has been out of touch for years with the Republican Party is you, my friend.  Fourthly, if you are not the one out of touch and you actually represent Republicans, count me out.  As a matter of fact, I just might declare myself Independent and be done with these damn deaf Republicans anyway.  Fifthly, I recognize that you are a war hero, but how dare you invoke the names of Reagan and Lincoln.  Do you actually think that any conservatives believe your blithering lies about how you have turned over a conservative leaf?

Listen up Conservatives:  John McCain has just clearly told you what he thinks of you.  If you go forward with voting for him, you will get more of this and he won’t even stop a moment to listen to you.  Remember that little McCain-Feingold Bill?  He is the one that set the pathway for 527 groups and now he wants to shut them up and take the high road.  Does he really think the liberals and Democrats will? 

John McCain – you need to get in touch…my friend.


3 responses to “John McCain Thinks His Base Is “Out Of Touch With Reality.”

  1. Whatever faults McCain has, when the alternatives are Obama and Clinton, I will sprint to vote for McCain.

    Every time he angers you, just think of an Obama presidency.

  2. This country is already going to go to hell in the next couple years. The Republicans have left the borders open, allowed financial bubbles to form that will soon burst and followed down the “green” road. I don’t trust them anymore. The Democrats have proven with their last couple of years in power that they are worthless. Why not let the blame fall on a Democrat president as well. They’ll have no excuses with both the Congress and the Presidency. I agree with you – it does scare the hell out of me, but we’re sunk either way.

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