Colorado Representative Douglas Bruce and the Illiterate Peasants

Yesterday a debate took place in the Colorado General Assembly over a bill that would establish a pilot program to expediate temporary visas for seasonal farmer workers.  The chair of the debate was Democrat Kathleen Curry and she ordered Republican Douglas Bruce to leave the podium without being allowed freedom of speech.  Here is the transcript:

Rep. Douglas Bruce clashed with House floor Chairwoman Rep. Kathleen Curry as he criticized fellow Republican Marsha Looper’s bill to expedite visas for foreign seasonal workers to ease a farm labor shortage.

* It began with Bruce’s sarcastic comments about a shortage of immigrant workers.

Bruce: Every time I go to Wal-Mart, practically, I have constituents approach me . . . They say, ‘Doug, you have to do something about immigration. The lines are too short at hospital emergency rooms. My children don’t hear enough foreign languages in the classroom or during recess.’

Curry: Rep. Bruce, this bill has to do with . . .

Bruce: With aliens coming . . .

Curry: . . . Don’t argue with the chair. The bill has to do with the labor issues identified and the pilot program. We do not need an entire explanation of how you feel about immigration. I want you to focus on the bill or I won’t recognize you further.

Bruce: You’re asking me to leave?

Curry: I said focus on the bill or I won’t recognize you further. You have the opportunity to speak to the bill right here and now.

Bruce: Well, Madame Chair, I read the bill word for word and I thought it was about importing up to 5,000 additional aliens into this country over a five-year period. If I misread the bill, then I apologize.

* Curry has Rep. Marsha Looper explain her bill again.

Looper: Rep. Bruce, as I stated earlier, this is a pilot program. This is not about aliens. This is not about immigration. This is about facilitating and allowing (state agencies) to work on getting legal, seasonal non-immigrant workers to Colorado to help us with our harvest and to ensure that they return to their country of origin.

* Bruce continues to insist that importing workers from countries like Mexico is immigration, implying they could stay in the U.S. illegally.

Bruce: I would like to have the opportunity to state at the microphone why I don’t think we need 5,000 more illiterate peasants in Colorado.

Curry: Rep. Bruce, you are no longer recognized in the well . . . How dare you?

Notice that the woman who introduced the bill, Looper, tries to claim this isn’t about aliens or immigration?  When someone comes from another country to work here, what exactly is that if not immigration.  You can’t bullshit me.  This is another one of those bills to get around our established, but unenforced immigration laws to make it easier for them to come.  And give me a break over Rep. Curry’s indignation!  Once again we find a liberal trying to take away a right given to us by our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  All Rep. Bruce did was reveal the truth.  He said, “If I’m the only person in this building that cares about the truth, fine.”  Bruce also said that his description is factually accurate and I have to agree.  The words are harsh, but people need to wake up to what we are importing.  Another liberal representative, Terrance Carroll, called Bruce a bigot.  Those liberals just love to throw around their labels.  I get at least one a week myself.

Rep. Douglas Bruce has been a source of irritation to not only the Democrats, but also the Colorado Republicans.  They like to think of him as the ugly step brother nobody claims.  Bruce is very similar to Ron Paul in fighting for the Constitution.  His main cause in Colorado has been to get rid of emergency clauses in bills.  These types of clauses have been attached to 30,000 bills over the past 75 years allowing the bills to take immediate effect and making them immune to repeal by citizen ballot initiative.  Anything that takes away our right as the people to have a say is unconstititutional!

From listening to the local radio in Colorado and viewing some polls taken by KHOW radio and the Rocky Mountain News it is obvious to me that most people side with Rep. Bruce and I am one of them.



5 responses to “Colorado Representative Douglas Bruce and the Illiterate Peasants

  1. Shannon Griffin

    I couldn’t agree more! I am so sick of these non-english speaking (illiterate) “immigrants” coming to the United States. I think that the more we allow over here the more we are saying “sure come on over, live here free of taxes, buy our homes for you and your 15 family members just to send your american earned dollars back to mexico. We don’t care because all we care about is cheap labor!” I just wish all of these damn liberals would stop attaching all these stupid clauses and they take everything away from the people, yet isnt the whole idea of being a democrat to stand up and speak for the people??? Yet out of all of them, none of them really know what the “people” really want. I wish somebody would just go in and clean house and get these left wing retards out of office. God help this country if Obama or Clinton get elected into office. I might re-locate to Iceland…

  2. I totally agree with Representative Douglas Bruce’s comments re: illegals coming over here and trashing our country. It’s good to see states other than California are beginning to feel the negative effects of mexican illegals pouring across the border by the millions and milking our system dry. Politics in California is all about pandering to mexican illegals. It costs politicians nothing to promise losers freebies because freebies are how these low life leftist politicians have bastardized the vote in California.

    George Callas

  3. Kelly Johnston

    huh.. the same conservative bull crap opinions.

    do you think your grandpas got an open arm welcome?

    the reason you are able to afford your happy meal is bcos of the countries like mexico and china.

    a great % of americans cannot afford decent living if it wasnt for these trade agreements.

    lift your fat butts and open some books and read. perhaps you will learn something and realize the importance of all this

  4. Hmm…conservatives have bull crap opinions? Perhaps you would come across as more educated yourself if you did something other than call opinions “bull crap” and accuse us of having fat butts – personally mine is kind of bony and needs a pillow beneath it. I’m also not sure what trade agreements have to do with illegal immigrants coming here. Illegals actually make “decent living” for Americans harder by using up our tax dollars, sending their earnings back to Mexico, bringing disease, taking jobs and driving down wages. And I believe we should turn back to buying American so we don’t support Communism and slavery and endanger our children with dangerous, toxic toys and we can get manufacturing back here to America where it belongs.

  5. Leave Bruce alone. It is so bad here in Washington that at certain times I think I’m in Mexico. We allow around 1.6 million immigrants here every year. On top of that as many as 1 million come here illegally. We have the illegals running the drug cartels in this state selling mass amounts of cocaine and methamphetamine. As a drug alcohol counselor I see the pain this causes every day. We have almost 13 million American Families out of work with jobs taken by illegals. I say enough is enough.

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