Obama Dusts Off Debate Debris

Once again Barack Obama displayed himself to be fine presidential material at a North Carolina townhall meeting by being sarcastic and mocking about Wednesday night’s presidential debate and flipping the bird to Hillary Clinton.  He swiped at the shoulders of his suit to indicate how he handles the tough questions – he brushes them off.  Which is true since he really doesn’t answer them.  Who could blame him though since he was finally put through the ringer.  If Democratics think this guy can handle the general election debates, they are living in la la land.  Not only did Obama stumble through questions, but he appeared irritated and bored as if this was a waste of his time.  In one comment today he pointed out that it took 45 minutes before the debate got to “issues that matter to the American people”.  Unfortunately, Obama is so out of touch that he doesn’t realize that these supposed peripheral issues do matter to America.  These peripheral issues reveal in large ways just how he truly feels about this country and how he will run it.

Several missteps in those first 45 minutes included comparing the terrorist William Ayers to Republican Tom Coburn, claiming he “disowned” Rev. Wright and then correcting that to “disowning the comments” when George Stephanopoulos caught him on it and saying he reveres the flag and this country, which is not the same as love.

The most telling part of the debate actually did come during what Barack Obama probably considers the meaningful part of the debate and that was during several questions on taxes.  Both Clinton and Obama made promises not to raise taxes on anyone making less than $ 200,000.  Then later Obama talked about moving the income tax cap that would include people making over $ 100,000.  Which is it, Obama?  Once again we see the typical politician double speak coming from the candidate of “change”.  The following comment should send chills down all of America: “I would look at raising the capital gains tax for purposes of fairness.”  Once again Obama finds himself making a Marxist comment.  This also reveals that his promise about income tax is a lie.  Raising capital gains taxes will affect millions making less than $ 100,000.  Capital gains come from investments that many people are involved in including housing.  Despite the fact that some investments are tax deferred, there will be a residual effect on the economy.  It is all connected, but I don’t expect Obama to understand the economy.  His comment to Charlie Gibson after Gibson pointed out that when capital gain taxes go up, government revenue goes down was that might or might not happen.  If he knew economic history he would know that the revenue has always gone down.

Hillary Clinton was not innocent either.  She said she would consider raising the capital gains tax to the same levels as her husband and that it did not have a negative effect on the economy.  I’m sure she just forgot that the economy was booming at that time unlike what we are facing now.  She also promised to raise taxes on those making $ 250,000 or more no matter what happens with the economy.  Do we really want these uninformed idiots touching the economy?  Never has it benefited the poor to tax the rich to death.  Lest we forget who starts the businesses and hires and pays the middle class.  And these people are generally the most generous in charitable giving – unless you’re Barack Obama.  Do we really want to take away the incentive to be rich and make the American Dream?  Oh, I forgot, Obama and Clinton’s definition of the American Dream is living off the government rolls by having the government pay for everything so you don’t have to work hard.

My hat goes off to ABC for finally getting past their media bias and asking the tough questions.  The liberals will rain hellfire on them, but that is generally a good indication that you did something right.  Besides, Obama needs the practice because it only gets worse from here.  Perhaps the DNC should listen to a suggestion Rush Limbaugh made today – Find a new candidate in Denver.  I truly believe that Obama will not win the general election anymore.  The lights have just gotten too bright on him.


One response to “Obama Dusts Off Debate Debris

  1. goodtimepolitics

    Obama is broken, not Washington, all he can do is studder when asked anything about his friends in low places such as the terrorist and Cop Killer William Ayers !

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