Keith Olbermann Tops In Influence?!

Television Week came out with their rankings of the 10 Most Powerful People in TV News.  The top four slots went to the presidents of the major news outlets, of course.  Most surprising was the ranking of Keith Olbermann who was number 6.  Olbermann, who is undoubtedly one of the least influential people when it comes to any news including sports, is ranked number 6?!  Right behind a stalwart like Tim Russert and ahead of number 7, Bill O’Reilly, who has twice the viewership, his own radio program and several best selling books. 

When it came to ranking American TV and Cable Journalists according to honesty, integrity and professionalism, Keith Olbermann was last on the list at number 50.  If that doesn’t show the liberal bias of media, I don’t know what does.  A man who is hardly even rankable in the top qualities of journalism is considered tops in influence.  What a joke!  Today’s worst person (particularly in news) is Keith Olbermann.  There, now he got a dose of his own medicine. 


5 responses to “Keith Olbermann Tops In Influence?!

  1. Can you source that “honesty, integrity and professionalism” ranking? I have been searching for it without success.

  2. Well, I was hoping for a primary source. Who did the poll? Just because some guy posts a list on the internet does not make it true.

  3. So I guess the list was done in fun, but very accurate. You don’t have to be a newspaper or magazine to be right. Olbermann wouldn’t even be on my list for professionalism.

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