Michelle Obama As American As Apple Pie

Michelle Obama made an appearance with Theresa Heinz Kerry (who was introduced as Theresa Heinz-?) at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.  The two women joked that they knew each other mostly through their Blackberries, but held a real kinship because they were both wives to Presidential hopefuls.  Here’s hoping Michelle Obama assumes the same role as Theresa Heinz – loser.  Michelle Obama then set out on another Marxist rant that this country will probably ignore once again.  Barack Obama may not have been listening in church, but Michelle did not miss a thing.

She opened up by saying, “The irony is that’s what’s going on for regular folks in this country,” in reference to the bar being set higher and higher for Barack Obama.  She continued, “The truth of the American experience today for many regular folks is that folks are trying to reach a bar that just keeps moving.”  First, I would really love to know the definition of a “regular folk”.  Is that the same thing as a typical white person?  Is that a poor slouch living on the government rolls?  Is that a middle class person like myself who works hard for every dime I earn by myself and doesn’t want the government touching it?  Perhaps this person is someone like herself who went to an Ivy League school and now lives a rich, pampered lifestyle.  As a conservative who believes in the true American experience that hard work is rewarded by being able to move forward, I embrace the idea that a bar is being continuously moved upward.  That is something that causes this phenomenum called “drive”.  I’m always striving for continual self-improvement.  Think of how great this country would be if everybody had that instead of government rescuing.

Michelle continued with an analogy about pie.  You know, we all have pie.  Some of us have a bigger pie then others.  In the true spirit of Carl Marx she said, “If we don’t wake up as a nation with a new kind of leadership…for how we want this country to work [who is “we” exactly?], then we won’t get universal health care.  The truth is, in order to get things like universal health care and a revamped education system, then someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more.”  Excuse me!?  One thing I have to give Michelle credit for is her honesty.  She doesn’t cloak her Socialistic Marxism like Barack and Hillary Clinton.  This remark won’t make the nightly news so most Americans won’t have a clue.  They will get a clue when Barack Obama more than likely becomes President and starts implementing his plans.  When those little paychecks only give you half the money you are due and you are waiting 2 years for universal health care to get around to fixing whatever ails you, maybe you’ll look back at how excited you were about Barack Obama.  Maybe you’ll look at the whole “race” issue and realize it was a red herring – incidentally, it might be of interest to note that Michelle’s handlers called for more white people to be seen standing behind her at this rally.  It does not matter what ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender, race or sexual orientation you are when it comes to America.  You are an American endowed with rights from a Creator.  Men and women have died for centuries to hold onto those rights.  Don’t allow these evil Marxists to take that away with their fluffy, feel good message.  Nothing the Obamas offer will bring any good to this nation!


3 responses to “Michelle Obama As American As Apple Pie

  1. I’m not suprized that Michelle Obama was well received at Carnegie Mellon. The President of CMU has entertained George Soros at his home, and Theresa Heinz donates enough money to the university to be deemed a “deity” by the administration. They deplore Conservatism and the war, but eagerly lap up government military and arms contract for robotics and weaponry. The administration are Marxist hypocrits!

  2. …please, give us some more of your Carl Rove style of commentary.

  3. Helen, it’s actually Karl Rove. And since I’m an independent who thinks the Republicans are crap too and that Karl Rove is partly to blame for taking them there, I have no idea what you are talking about.

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