Hillary Clinton Inadvertantly Reveals Minimum Wage Effect

Hillary Clinton appeared on The Tonight Show last night.  After calling her LIE about Bosnia a “mismatch of words and actions” and a “lapse”, she went on to blame the poor economy entirely on George Bush and accused him of not caring or doing anything.  I guess Congress has no power since they haven’t done anything either.  Not that I want the government to do anything.  All of their little fixes are making the situation worse.  Anyway, Hillary went on to tell a story from the campaign trail.  It was about an 11 year old boy she met in indiana and here is the dialogue:

Indoctrinated 11 year old male:  “My mom makes minimum wage and even though it went up, her hours were cut so we’re not making any more money.  Can you help her?”

Our hero Hillary:  “You know, when somebody says something like that to you it really does kind of energize me up and I can.  I’m really going to try to help you because this is wrong.  Everywhere I go I hear stories like that.”

With any more help from Hillary, this family should soon be on the government rolls and the mom won’t even need to work.  First off, this kid was most certainly coached – if this little story really is true -or indoctrinated.  Anybody with half a brain knows that by raising the minimum wage companies are going to compensate by laying people off or cutting their hours.  Business is out to make a profit.  This is not wrong – it’s the American dream.  If a business does not make a profit, they go out of business and then there is no job.  Secondly, what moron stays at minimum wage?  Even the most piddily jobs I have had in my life gave me raises by 3 to 6 months.  When I got tired of working at low paying jobs I went into business for myself and make three times what I used to.  It doesn’t take special training or money.  If you have the drive, you can make anything happen.  If you are still working at minimum wage after being at a company for a while you either suck at your job or you are stupid.

The problem with liberals like Hillary is that they think they are rescuing people when in reality they are robbing them.  They are robbing them of life experience and being the best they can be.  They are teaching these people to rely on the government which leads us to Marxism.  It also leads to things like what happened with Hurricane Katrina.  People don’t even run for their lives anymore.  Hillary is so brainwashed by her own liberalism that she didn’t even realize that she was telling America exactly what happens when the minimum wage is set and raised by the government.  Unfortunately, most of America is not paying attention.


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