John McCain, Rush Limbaugh and a Woman Named Sue

On Rush Limbaugh’s radio show today, a woman named Sue called in and began raking Rush over the coals about some of his harsh criticism of John McCain.  She started off by saying, “He’s not my candidate and he’s not your candidate, but he is our candidate.”  This is the problem with the Republican Party for me and most other true conservatives.  It is this idea that we need to get behind our candidate no matter who that person may be.  Rush defended himself by saying he is an American first, Conservative second and then a Republican.  I wish I could trust that Rush will not just step forward as a Neo-Con again.  I wish I could believe that he would stick by his priciples and go ahead and vote with a write-in candidate or a conservative from another party.  But I don’t have much faith in that area and not just because Rush is playing around with politics with his Operation Chaos campaign and because he says he won’t endorse McCain because it would drive Democrat votes away from McCain (that tells me he wants McCain to get voted in), but also because of the actions of Limbaugh’s collegues.  Specifically Laura Ingraham amd Sean Hannity.  I really like to listen to both of these people, but I’m beginning to believe Hannitizing America is getting Democrats to be Republicans rather than Liberals becoming Conservatives.  I have heard with my own ears, Sean Hannity state on Hannity & Colmes that he will be voting for McCain.  Laura Ingraham made the same comment when filling in for Bill O’Reilly on the O’Reilly Factor.  Where are their principles?

This is one of the main problems in America, not just the GOP.  Nobody stands up for their principles.  I know I sound like a broken record, but no one seems to be listening.  There is absolutely no reason for the GOP to change if we just follow in step behind them.  Giving Congress to the Democrats didn’t work and giving the presidency to them won’t work either.  To me it doesn’t matter who gets on the ticket with McCain.  Unless McCain plans on dying or stepping down, he will be the President, not his running mate.  And for anyone watching David Letterman last night you got to see what kind of president McCain will be.  When David Letterman commented that we’re suppose to be the leader in the world but that we are apparently not in terms of humanity, McCain didn’t even defend America as the last great hope of humankind.  He just commented that we shouldn’t set a withdrawal date for the Iraq War.  Then McCain went on to claim that he is a “right of center Republican” and “a Republican in the Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan tradition”.  What a joke!  He claimed that the GOP lost Congress because of spending – is that all he has on his list, mine is much larger!?  He also claimed that the Republican Party is united and that it just needs to be “re-energized”.  I am energized – to ride him as hard as I have ridden Bush.  And then this sorry excuse for a conservative laid out his 3 main points to tackle as President: 1. Work together on a global agreement on climate change, 2. Declare we’ll never torture another person that is in American custody and 3. Close Guantanamo Bay.  Well, I sure am glad he has the right principles.  We wouldn’t want to “torture” those who mean to kill us or detain them.  And we need to do something about this climate change right away because if Ted Turner is right we’ll all become cannibals as the earth heats up 8 degrees in the next 10 years.  McCain must think he is running for a high school presidency because he just wants everybody to like him.  But a President doesn’t need to be liked – he needs to lead and that doesn’t always make fans.  Saying that you are a conservative is not enough to get me to believe it.

As for the woman named Sue, Rush didn’t change her mind and she continued to prattle on about us all united behind McCain.  I’m hoping that conservative Americans will use their own brains and not listen to what Rush, Hannity, Ingraham, the GOP or anybody else tells them to do with their vote.  Search your own heart for what to believe and what is best for the country.  McCain may not be a Hillary or Obama, but he is taking us to the same place they are – just slower.


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