Bravo Elisabeth Hasselbeck!

Barbara Walters and Joy Behar swooned over Barack Obama while he visited The View today asking if he really was related to Brad Pitt (I’m thinking more like George Bush – come on, they have the same ears!) and commenting that, “We thought you were very sexy looking.”  Yep – that’s what I look for in a leader.  Come on, have any of our leaders been very good looking anyway?  Even JFK was a little funny looking. 

Major kuddos to Elisabeth who really does care about this country and actually seems to be the only brain on this set.  I think she stays just to get to Loudmouth Behar – who hasn’t been funny a day in her life.  Elisabeth held Obama’s feet to the fire better than any interviewer I have seen yet.  She asked him about Jeremiah Wright’s comments and why we should believe that Obama has good judgement if he could stay at this church.  Obama gave the same empty answer without really answering the question.  He again tried to play down the comments as “stupid”.  How many times are you going to say that Barack?  These are not stupid comments.  How dare you pass them off so blase while most of America is still steaming about them.  Barack even had the nerve to say to Walters, “Had the reverend not retired.  Had he not acknowledged that what he had said had deeply offended people and were inappropriate and mischaracterized what I believe is the greatness of this country (When did Wright apologize?!  Must have missed that.), for all its flaws (Glad you threw that in for good measure – actually it shows your true feelings), then I wouldn’t have felt comfortable staying at the church.”  Does anyone other than Obama’s disciples really believe he never heard any of these statements which Elisabeth quickly pointed out are distributed on a DVD from the church?  Everybody in America was in church the Sunday after 9/11 except Barack Obama, right?  What a joke!  The audience was completely quiet while Elisabeth grilled Obama proving that America truly is bamboozled by this guy.  No audience support, but I guess Elisabeth is used to that.

If you haven’t looked in to Black Liberation Theology, then I suggest you do because that is what Trinity Church of Christ is all about.  It doesn’t matter who the reverend is and we have seen that to be true with the new pastor’s Easter sermon about them feeling what it was like to be lynched at the church since their false brand of Christianity has been brought into the light.  Remember, Barack Obama is still a member of this church and I’m sure plans to keep it that way.  I also suggest you look into Marxism as well because this theology is based on that.  And Barack Obama is definately a Marxist.  Just listen to him speak about the economy and “shared prosperity”.  You might be able to fool uninformed America, Obama, but you are not fooling me.  Barack Obama as President = The death of America.  If you are part of the middle class like myself, Obama and Clinton will not be helping you as they promise.  That floatation device they are throwing you – it’s not connected to the boat.  If you are rich then may I suggest opening a Swiss bank account before you lose it all.  If you are poor, sit back and have yourself another beer because it is really free ride time now.  Who told you that you can’t make it in America?  I can hear the USSR anthem already – darn you Glenn Beck!


3 responses to “Bravo Elisabeth Hasselbeck!

  1. What self respecting man watches the spew?

  2. I hope you’re not directing that at me. I’m a self-respecting woman. And I don’t watch this drivel on this show The View – I’m just informed.

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